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Dezavantajlı öğrencilerin eğitiminde Montessori Yönteminin kullanımı
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is intended to aid making the educational operations for disadvantageous students in Kale district better. Disadvantageous students are the students who are mentally retarded or the ones who are having difficulty in coping with the level of education they are given due to early onset of education and the lack of preschool education. Conventional education methods cannot have a positive impact on development of these students. Because of the teachers’ inadequacy in inclusive education practises where regular students and disadvantageous students are taught together and the unprofitability of conventional methods, it is needed to search for new methods. Montessori Education method was first used by Maria Montessori in Italy for the education of mentally retarded students with great success. Hence, we think that, by the use of Montessori Method, improvement in the level of progression of disadvantageous students can be achieved. In accordance with this purpose, 12 staff of our school are going to join in “Montessori Education Course” for 7 days in Italy. Participants have students of inclusive education in their classes and they have willingness to apply Montessori Method in their classes. They are highly motivated with their innovative, active, social qualities and have a knowledge of at least mid level English. Educational activity will be performed based on both formal and non-formal training technics within the scope of Erasmus Plus Program. Course will begin with the introduction of the new methodology on a theoretical basis. To motivate trainees activily participate in the course, there will be dynamic activities such as case studies, meetings with the responsible people of institutions, discussions with the managers of private institutions, role playing, technical visits to private corporations for directive principles, on the job observations and workshops. With this project, trainess will have adequate information about Montessori Method’s basic principles and applications. Thereby, they are going to transfer the new knowledge to other teachers and parents and contribute to spreading of Montessori Method. Studying with the substantial materials of this method, disadvantageous students’ educational attainment will be permanent and they will gain ability to live independently. As a result of this, their social acceptability will rise and early left of school will be prevented. Keywords: Disadvantageous student, Montessori Method

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