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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project; drug addicts, children, youth, women, the elderly, the disabled, refugees, ex-convicts, have included spiritual and psycho-social care practices for the integration and equal opportunities for disadvantaged groups such as the poor. In our project, Germany, Hungary and best practices on the job training on a programming project subject of the period of ten working days in Spain / observations made consortium participants in the development of the capabilities of disadvantaged groups with relevant institutions of adult education staff and project development opportunities abroad on the subject aimed to gain. Be of good practice for the disadvantaged group in the EU, spiritual disadvantaged groups, examining the social and psychological care practices, professional training and qualification of the enhanced, printed in the models of good practice and learning is visual, social media and dissemination on the Internet, the unit they are attached to members of the consortium / ministry of disadvantaged to determine policies regarding social groups, related to the development of inter-agency cooperation network, established on the entagrasyo and equal opportunities for disadvantaged groups in the Tenth Development Plan are intended to contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives. into 10 groups of 30 participants of the project have been involved in mobility activities. Our participants of our partner organizations who work with disadvantaged groups and adult education have been selected from the staff. Spain, Germany and spiritual for the disadvantaged groups in Hungary and psycho-social care practice issues identified in the following projects on the-job training / monitoring activities are carried out: • spiritual psycho-social treatments given Disadvantages for groups and institutions; • applied for the integration of disadvantaged groups in society, spiritual psycho-social care services; • spiritual and psycho-social care institutions in the inter-agency cooperation and financing; • Disadvantages spiritual training of staff for psycho-social care practice group / curriculum which meets the qualification and relevant institutions; • How are directed to spiritual psycho-social activities of disadvantaged groups; • Visual rehabilitation of disadvantaged groups through audio and printed publications; • to facilitate the social integration of disabled and elderly ICT; • The activities that are offered for the disadvantaged groups of religious institutions; • spiritual care in disadvantaged groups (spirital care) applications; • disadvantaged groups applied to guidance and counseling techniques; • Examination of social care practice for disadvantaged groups; • voluntary model of spiritual psycho-social integration of disadvantaged groups. The project team was established following the signing of the project contract. The project team, project preparation, mobility, conducted dissemination and reporting activities. spiritual care applied for a new application in the EU countries, but in Turkey (spiritial care) and participants for the psycho-social care has been the practice of awareness is contributing to the knowledge and skills of the participants. Disadvantaged groups spiritual, psycho-social care data obtained about the project were published and reported in the journal output. Thus, Germany on disadvantaged groups in Turkey, Spain and best practices in Hungary, has contributed to the development of literature on this subject in Turkey. The consortium of the web page for the dissemination of project outcomes has been involved in project results. Thus disadvantaged groups associated with visual, print and social media awareness has been created. Disadvantaged groups to improve their spiritual and psycho-social care practice has contributed to our project. In this context, projects of social integration of disadvantaged groups in the long term, our, improving psychological health services, local developments in spiritual care, which contributes terms to reflect our country in the regional and national platforms, it is understood from the evaluation of questionnaires back to the participants. They are members of the consortium connected units / ministries are presented reports on best practices. In terms of social policy and identified as the applicability of this report it is intended to be useful. In addition, the content of the project is evaluated to be useful in achieving the strategic goals of the disadvantaged groups identified in the Tenth Development Plan. As a result of socialization of disadvantaged groups, integration, spiritual and psycho-social support is expected to contribute to the vision of a strong Turkey.
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