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Devenir citoyen européen à travers des projets interdisciplinaires utilisant les langues et les nouvelles technologies
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school has been involved in the teaching of foreign languages for many years. However, this subject has recently become a priority for several reasons:- We need a common language path as our audience has diverse and varied backgrounds with very many nationalities;- We need to shape our future European citizens and open their minds;- We need to address a growing interest of students for foreign languagesWe have also highlighted training needs for example the lack of speech proficiency (vocabulary, phonology, fluency), the lack of authenticity in teaching/lessons (teachings supports) and difficulties in assessing levels of improvement.Our teaching now needs to be developed further by providing high quality training for all the teachers. This will enable them to teach English language and culture to their own classes and set up new collaborative and dynamic whole school initiatives, for example an "English day" and then an "English week".Seven teachers will take part in this initiative. Some want to strengthen their language skills through an “improving English language and methodology” course; others want to develop methods of cross-curricular work so they can teach languages in other subjects; while some want to get involved in "new-technologies" and "e-twinning" in order to diversify the range of educational opportunities and develop communication with British and Irish pupils.Our aim is to open the scope of the project to several UK destinations in order to discover the local culture and traditions for each country.We are convinced of the positive outcomes of this training:- Unify our pedagogic team around a common project;- Discover, foster and use new teaching methods through ICT, e-twinning...- Develop rewarding interactions with new persons- Open-up our school to Europe;- Develop engaging and effective teaching methods for our pupils through active learning techniques;- Build-up an authentic bank of resources and activities to teach languagesTherefore, our 2 year project will involve:- An "English day" for the first year- An "English week" for the second yearThese two events will reflect aspects of the different training courses that have taken place; what was experienced and what was brought back.In both cases we will organise several interactive workshops throughout the school, with each class having a mix of pupils from all year groups and all abilities.The first project will allow us to trial and evaluate the workshops; their contents, activities and organisation, and to measure their impact on the students - to see what works, what doesn’t work, this will help us to maximise the impact for following year's “British Week”We are very enthusiastic and hope that the impact will be significant for the teachers, the students and the school at all levels:- Teachers will feel more confident in their teaching;- They will significantly develop their language skills (understanding, communication...);- Pupils will be more motivated and engaged in language lessons;- Lessons will be more realistic thanks to authentic resources;- New technologies will play a role in lessons (ICT, e-twinning);- Exchange and foreign collaborative project will strengthen and grow;- Existing projects will be renewed and sustained;- New projects will emerge thanks to the training;- New partners will join our initiatives;
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