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Development of the Lifelong Learning Concept at the University of Montenegro
Start date: Oct 15, 2010,

The project broad aim is to improve learning opportunities in Montenegrin society at large and achieving higher employability. This will be achieved through the development of LLL university strategy with the aim to:- enable wider access to higher education- incorporate non-formal and informal education into the overarching national qualification framework- enhance partnerships with relevant social partnersTaking into consideration the complexity of the process, it is planned to focus on several aspects, addressing each with an appropriate set of activities. Therefore, it is expected that throughout, by the end, and after the project implementation: -legislative framework for the introduction of LLL concept will be developed-cooperation with enterprises in view of LLL concept and university-enterprise cooperation will be improved-learning opportunities for adults Flexible learning paths for adults will be improved-connections between stakeholders will be improved to improve vertical and horizontal access -basis for introducing procedures for validation of non-formal and informal learning will be introduced-comprehensive dissemination campaign on LLL concept in society at large will be implemented -conditions for the exploitation of the project results immediately and after the project end will be developed -day-to-day and overall management process will be secured -quality plan will be implemented
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