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Development of the joint ENIC-NARIC website
Start date: Feb 1, 2012,

ENIC/NARIC WEB - Development of the joint ENIC-NARIC websiteProject descriptionThe main purpose of the project is to develop and manage the joint website of the ENIC and NARIC networks (, in compliance with theinstructions of the representatives of the two networks and of the ELCORE Working Group. The Italian NARIC Centre – CIMEA – is going to take theresponsibility to input data and information in the joint website and to implement the indications of the two networks on this matter. Furthermore, the ItalianNARIC Centre will also take care of the daily management of the website, and of the development of new sections, with the purpose of making this serviceappealing to a wider audience.In the initial phase of the project, the website is going to be transferred onto a new server, directly managed by CIMEA via an on-line platform. This will allowfor a streamlined management of the website, for quick data input and a swift implementation of changes.In a more advanced phase, the different sections of the website will be developed in close cooperation with the ELCORE Group; at this stage, all networkmembers will be asked for support: a member-only call will be published to let them submit their application to take part in the maintenance of their countrysections, which should not happen on a voluntary basis anymore.Furthermore, the Italian NARIC will also manage the website mailbox, by answering the requests for information received at the general e-mail addressavailable on the ENIC-NARIC website.As part of the project, activities for the promotion of the website and of the work of the whole network will be organized, in order to maximize visibility.During formal meetings, all the results achieved and the newest developments of the website will be reported to the network members, to give them theopportunity to review the work that was carried out and to gather all suggestions and comments about the website activity.Target groupsThe project targets Higher Education Institutions and credential evaluators in first place, together with students and professionals that are interested in therecognition of their qualifications.As a matter of fact, in the last few years, the ENIC-NARIC website has been a crucial tool in the field of recognition and international mobility.Moreover, the ENIC-NARIC website is going to be a valuable internal resource for the ENIC-NARIC centres themselves, since it is an instrument that makesavailable for them all the necessary information and tools – such as Qualifications Frameworks, Diploma Supplement, Quality Assurance policy, etc. - topromote and enhance their education systems and recognition policiesImpactFor years, the ENIC-NARIC has been a valuable instrument for both individuals and institutions interested in the qualifications recognition procedures and to promote international mobility.In line with the aims of the ENIC and NARIC networks, the joint website has an impact across the board, since it refers to all Higher Education Systems.Furthermore, the information contained on the website is very useful for the policies related to the Bologna Process, to the Life Long Learning, since it showsinformation about the instruments already developed in these fields (QFs, Diploma Supplement, Quality Assurance, etc.).Finally, the website is crucial for the life of both networks, since it actually contains all relevant information for the ENIC-NARIC centres, such as thedocuments developed by the network and all the meetings minutes.
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