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Development of the e-learning and distance learning courses and assessment in Biomedical Sciences in the Southern Caucasus
Start date: Jan 15, 2010,

The aim of the project is to develop over a three year period a student-centred distance learning (DL) MSc degree program in Medical Molecular Biology (MMB) with partner Southern Caucasian Universities (SCU), as a pilot scheme for future dual degree programmes with SCU and other non-EU member States. The existing ‘in house’ modular MMB course at University of Westminster (UoW), accredited by the UK Institute of Biomedical Science, will be developed for delivery through multimedia and DL with the help of our partners and experts at EU member universities who have excellent appropriate experience in this field. Students from SCU will be registered both at their home universities as well as at UoW. All modules for the SCU will be worth 10 credits to meet the Bologna requirements of 30 credits per semester. The course will be delivered by the staff at Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU), Kutaisi State University (KSU), Yerevan State University (YSU), Yerevan Medical University (YMU), Baku State University and Azerbaijan Medical University (all SCU) as part of a dual degree (DD) with UoW who will oversee the assessment of the programme. Assessment methodology for the DL course will be developed by UoW, University of L’Aquila (ULA) and University of Bretagne Occidentale (UBO). During the first year of the project we aim to develop the modules for DL delivery, train the SCU teachers at EU member partner universities in e-learning skills and for the BSc students registered on the programme to receive courses in Biomedical Science and Advanced English in the SCU. In the second year, 6 modules over the two semesters will be managed, delivered by DL (through e-learning methods) and assessed under quality control of the EU partners. Dissemination of results will be made after this year. In the final year, students will carry out their laboratory research project at the SCU under management and quality control of the EU partners, they will be assessed and degrees conferred and final results of the project disseminated and recommendations for sustainability made. Students will be awarded degrees at both their own SCU and UoW. It is anticipated that this pilot scheme will lead to similar developments in other biomedical degrees and other areas of education as a larger framework of collaboration between EUU and SCU. It is further anticipated that this will lead to the development of centres for e-learning and DL at SCU which will allow them to offer their own courses to provincial and regional universities as well as disseminate the outcomes of the project on supra-regional level.Since e-learning and DL based course delivery represent fast developing methods of modern education, implementation of this project will serve as a model for future developments which will bring participating universities to the forefront of contemporary education.
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