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Development of Regional Interdisciplinary Post-Graduate Energy and Environmental Law Studies
Start date: Oct 15, 2011,

The wider objective is to enable Ukraine and Georgia to face the challenges of dealing with Energy and Environment policies in accordance with EU and international standards through capacity and institutional building measures. To reach the wider objective of the project an interdisciplinary master and doctoral degree program on Energy and Environmental Law for Ukrainian and Georgian universities will be introduced.Target master programme is intended for lawyers and non-lawyers to gain an understanding of the legal and regulatory environment and processes in the international energy and resources industries. It is suitable for those aspiring to be practicing lawyers, legal advisers, contract managers and negotiators in these industries.Two consultancy bureaus on Energy Law to be established in Ukraine and Georgia provide a) Training of master and doctoral students of different PCU with developed Master program via FirstClass system; b) in-service training sessions and workshops “on demand” and c) consulting activities for the companies and individuals in the area of Energy Law management (consultant lawyer on project teams; contract analysis and advice; legal risk management).By developing and introducing new Bologna-compliant interdisciplinary master and doctoral curricula, establishment and equipping consultancy bureaus on energy law, intensive capacity building mechanism the project will bring the following positive challenges in a short term:1. Improving of academic quality of energy law studies in Ukraine and Georgia;2. Market necessity in energy and environmental law support will be satisfied by comprehensive consulting services;3. Professional, language and personal skills of programme graduates allow them successfully start their career on the chosen industrial company / law agency.Close cooperation links between national legal authorities and university systems in both PC will be spanned, high quality Energy Law programs will be enhanced.
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