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Development of new antimicrobial nanostructured durable coatings for fuel tanks (AMICOAT)
Start date: Jun 1, 2012, End date: May 31, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"The objective of the project is to do research and development in formulation of new antimicrobial nanostructured durable coatings chemically grafted onto non nutrient chromate free primer of fuel tanks. The strategy to formulate these new antifouling coatings specifically designed to inhibit the adhesion of microorganisms will be based on two aspects that will take place simultaneously: physiochemical incompatibility between the surface of the coating and microorganisms and sub-products generated by them, and biochemical elimination of microorganisms to inhibit their adhesion to the surface of fuel tanks by a synergistic combination of inorganic and/or organic biocides embedded in the coating, including nanomaterials and micro- or nano-encapsulated chemicals.Surface morphology (SEM, AFM), surface chemistry (XPS), surface tension (contact angle), adhesion and durability of the new antifungal coating will be evaluated. The effect of growth inhibition for specific microorganisms present in aircraft fuel will be measured according to microbiological analysis and studies of formation, adhesion and elimination of biofilms onto the new developed antifouling surfaces. The new antifungal coating formulations will be compatible with fuel and will not affect fuel combustion. A special interest will be addressed to potential nano-safety and nano-toxicity issues."

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