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Development of management tools for reduction of human impact in specially protected nature areas (Protected areas)
Start date: May 20, 2012, End date: May 19, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Latvia-Lithuania border regions have long economic and social background,but due to lacking cooperation and planning the regions have not used their joint capacity in full amount.Overview:Project activities directly refer to following regions in LV-Zemgale;in LT-Panevezys,Siauliai,Kaunas Counties.Project objective: Enhancement of protection of specially protected nature areas by provision and implementation of sustainable environment management tools.The project objective focuses on the capacity building and awareness raising,thus creating favourable living conditions and ensuring effective management of nature resources. Partnership-Direct partners:Local and Regional level authorities with the responsibility for planning and decision-making in the respective areas and administrations of protected areas.Indirect partners- social stakeholders and society.Main activities: there are 2 main types of activities, those intended for management,coordination of Project and communication the Project results;and those intended for improving management of nature resources.The project covers 4 work packages:WP1-Project management and publicity;WP2- Improvement of the management of nature parks (nature protection plans,environmental monitoring,existing situation study,policy recommendations,training courses);WP3- Infrastructure for nature protection;WP4-Awareness-raising (brochure,map,voluntary monitoring).Problems in protected areas can mainly be explained with the historical development,especially in terms of the poor knowledge and skills.Key problems,which refer to the protected areas and can be solved by common approach of the target groups-is the lack of knowledge in planning,management and monitoring of protcted areas,poor condition or lack of appropriate infrastructure,which would prevent from further degradation of the nature values. Outputs: 4 PSG and PMG meetings;(2)implemented voluntary monitoring system and raised awareness about it;(3)training courses and seminars; (4)experience exchange trips;(5)study about human impact in protected areas;(6)press releases;(7) Information on partners websites (at least 4 times during the whole project implementation period);(8)implemented infrastructure. Results and benefits: based on planning documents (studies) the cooperating Latvia and Lithuania regions will solve issues related to improving nature protection in the project area through implementation of various environment management tools. The objective and tasks of the project will be achieved through 3 main blocks of activities-institutional capacity strengthening(study,training courses,policy recommendations),awareness-raising of local inhabitants(voluntary monitoring,informative materials) and installation of infrastructure for nature protection. Expected Results: Study to be caaried out within protected areas, in order to identify the impact of human actions on protected areas. Followed by site visits to the protected areas, short-term to long-term priority actions shall be determined. Technical documentation for infrastructure:PP2 for car parking lot; PP3 for observation tower, PP5 - for car parking lot and adjacent territory, PP9-for road repair.(1) policy guidelines for integration of nature protection plans into spatial plans; (2) Methodical amterials-guidelines for the implementation of voluntary monitoring in protected areas: how to monitor particular species, how to process data, how to work with volunteers etc. Summary of guidelines will be prepared in ENG. The project foresees creation of several means,which may be used at cross-border level:environmental monitoring (counters and data interpretation seminar),voluntary monitoring (practical workshops and methodogical materials),study of human impact on protected areas and identification of priority measures.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Latvia-Lithuania (LV-LT)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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