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Development of International Relations related to the Needs of the Higher Educational System of Turkmenistan (DoIT)
Start date: Jan 15, 2010,

'DoIT' aims at the core of Tempus, the Reform of Higher Education through International University Cooperation, targeting important national priority of Turkmenistan. The Project is also timely, as explained in the background information provided of TM. The positive aspects of systemicinternationalisation of TM HEIs will be analysed, and its impact both in Teaching and Learning and also in Research and Innovation, another important aspect of the University life but still a pending issue in TM. The Project will also create the administrative structures within the Universities that deal with internationalisation in a professional way in Western Europe - the OIRs. It will transfer the necessary know-how through an extensive training of its future staff. At the same time, we will reach out to the HE community, by means of elaborating national recommendations in each of its key points that will raise the educational standards. As stated, a systemic and phased approach to internationalisation of HEIs of TM is the engine driving theWorkplan that has been prepared.The Project has been carefully stepped to reach its targets, starting with a specific outcome to create the necessary conditions, followed by outcomes on teaching and learning, research and education, and the setting up of ORIs to manage international activities. Dissemination has been embedded in the life-span of it and management and quality control procedures have been carefully considered, so as sustainability of its major outputs, that in turn will guarantee its success.We expect that the novelty of the approach is going to impact very positively not only over TM HEIs but also on the Central Asia HE communitiy as a whole. The selection of partners has been carefully done. We have put together a fair but at the same time manageable selection of EU partners with extensive experience in Tempus (leading institutions USE and UCO with extensive Tempus experience specifically in Uzbekistan, Siberia, Mongolia, Kyrgystan and with ongoing Projects in Turkmenistan; TUC and its UNESCO Chair also currently working over there, other EU partners also with wide Tempus background). The TM partners have also being carefully chosen as being HEIs eager to learn about the know-how to be transferred and to spread it, as it has been clear during the drafting of this Application. The presence of the Ministry of Education of TM guarantees the impact of the work to be done. The consortium is completed with sucessfull stories of internationalisation, like the Municipality of Lucena or the CEMER. The involvementof the Ministry of Education, together with the Ministry of Education of Spain, will also foster its results.
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