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Development of Innovative Business Models for Ensuring Competitiveness (INNOREG)
Start date: May 31, 2010, End date: Apr 30, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Finland and Estonia have long-term mutually beneficial experiences in science&production in mechanical engineering and mechatronics.This industry forms dominant part of the structure of manufacturing industry and export in the region. Globalization and continual growth of competition takes place in the world,necessitating implementation of new business models and production structures (Manufuture Roadmap). The project concentrates on raising the regions scientific-technical potential, competence and reputation as well as to help raising competitiveness of the field and its companies in the region via elaboration and implementation of new business models and development of cross-border collaboration. Since 2007 activities related to the project have been developed by partner organizations (Tallinn Innovation Centre business plan;Tallinn Innovation Centre memorandum between Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication, Association of Mechatronics and Tallinn Technology Park) Project consists of 4 integrated WPs of which WP1 deals with project management,generalizing the projects results and assuring sustainability.WP2-4 constitute main core of the project being integrated with each other and creating new cross-border concept of technology platform that promotes the region and its reputation. Linkages between new innovative business structures create prerequisites for more intense development of high-tech production and increasing competitiveness of the region and companies.Issues for broadening the results of the project in international level are also dealt with in WP2-4. Main objective of the project is to increase innovation,quality awareness and competitiveness, offer support to the companies in the region in the field of mechanical engineering and mechatroncis by creating new approach and model that through new business structures enables to react flexibly to the processes taking place in the society and organize innovative and high-level production. Activities,results Survey of new business models of competitive sustainable development-basic model of region of knowledge Survey of regions capability and competitiveness in the field-navigator of innovative development of the region, report about the fields situation and trends Creation of technology platform uniting innovation centres, companies and scientific institutions in the region-functioning structure of technology platform, cross-border use of it,Tallinn Innovation Centre, collaboration between involved parties Determination of quality functions ensuring high promotion of quality attitude and quality assurance in production activities-created and functioning measurement and control centre in Turku and collaboration between measurement centres, scientific institutions and companies in the region Integration of innovation and control centres in the region, development of cross-border collaboration-sustainability of the project results, support to companies, collaboration Achievements: This project concentrated on raising the regions scientific-technical potential, competence and reputation via the elaboration and implementation of new business models and the development of cross-border collaboration. The project used experts from educational institutions and industry as sources of information and knowledge through brainstorming, surveys and analysis. The data gathered was collected into a Region of Knowledge technology platform, and the results were disseminated through seminars and publications. The project also organised pilot training in mechatronics to test the potential of cross-border collaboration and, based on identified future needs, has created a development plan for the region in the field of mechanical engineering and mechatronics.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Central Baltic (FI-SE-EE-LA)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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