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Development of Embedded System Courses with implementation of Innovative Virtual approaches for integration of Research, Education and Production in UA, GE, AM
Start date: Dec 1, 2013,

The aim of the DESIRE project is to change the theoretical type of learning in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia to a practice-oriented competence-based approach. Competences will be checked with different stakeholders. This will speed up collaboration between HEIs and business in target countries and ensure the availability of a high-skilled workforce in the domain of embedded systems. Through the project cooperation between EU and third countries in education and research is established. Specifically practice-oriented curricula and modules in Embedded Systems Design are created, the theory will be supported by remote laboratories and dedicated hardware platforms in Embedded System Design in UA, GE, AM, this to form the competencies necessary for the Labor Market in Embedded Systems.To come to the expected objectives of the project, first current situation of curricula on ECTS and expected competences are investigated and reported, then curricula are adapted and new course material developed. The outcome of next phase is the establishment of a LMS system, a remote and a embedded systems design laboratory. Retraining courses are organized in BE, GE and SK. Master classes on the new course material are organized in situ and teach the teachers sessions for swift implementation of the material. Next is teaching in the target HEIs of a pilot group, after which an evaluation report is made. All is done according to a fixed quality assurance plan, assessments on different levels and close contact with other projects. The goal is to service local enterprises with high-skilled people, so dissemination activities are done towards this group via the university-enterprise contact group (UEGC), and also in media, via the web resources and seminars. Management of the heterogeneous project objectives and diverse partners is done via an agreed work plan, with sufficient lines of communication and the erection of different working bodies.

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