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Development of educational techniques in vocational education and training

The core of the problem recognized by the partners before joining their efforts for the project is that vocational teachers often have no special pedagogic (or andragogic) education. They are good specialists in their job (dressmakers, mechanics, etc.), they lead a training curriculum, but they have no formal (obligatory) assistance in picking the educational competencies (pedagogy, andragogy, didactics, ability to use ICT tools for distance education, etc.). There are institutions providing in-service training for VET teachers, as well as certain projects on the issue, but not much about the education techniques. The teachers who have participated in the project and those who use our methodology (or participate in the future projects) will gain a significant assistance in their daily work as their newly acquired tools will facilitate the educational (training) process, will help to motivate the students, foster their ability to learn. The main idea of the partnership is – to develop VET teachers’ competencies in education techniques to foster and maintain education and training quality in VET system. For this purpose we have joined our forces in the partnership not only by making the geographical alliance, but also united the specialists from various education areas: higher education, VET, adult education institutions with their unique experience in the field. The participation in the partnership allowed the institutions: to evaluate each school’s particular experience in the international context, exchange the best practices, summarize the inputs from the participating institutions for creation and development the common Methodology Framework. The new methodology has gone through the validation process in the partners’ institutions, also in the national level of each country. At the same time it could be developed in continuing projects as a research material or transfer of innovation, or included into the universities curricula when preparing VET teachers.
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