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“Development of curricula and innovative training tools for industrial automation systems for people employed in SMEs” - AutoMatic

The new technologies, based on information technology automation, robotics and electrical drives have profoundly changed the industrial production and energy conservation principles. In order to utilize the improved technologies, SMEs need highly qualified staff, competent in operating with the new machines and in managing sophisticated production processes. The current project addresses the problem of low and incongruous qualification of staff employed in SMEs in terms of industrial automation systems and operating with new technologies.The general aim of AutoMatic project is to develop an innovative training approach including curricula and respective tools in the field of industrial automation systems which to be applicable in European SMEs. Target groups of the project are employees in SMEs who want to improve their qualification or re-qualify, as well as unemployed people who want to gain initial competences. AutoMatic was developed in close cooperation between five partners from four countries. The partnership includes two technical universities - Technical University of Gabrovo (Bulgaria) and Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia), one international university focused in ICT - Luiss University (Italy), one research institution – MERIG (Austria) and one SME consulting company – ECQ Ltd. (Bulgaria). All partners have the necessary experience not only in the respective professional area they occupy but also in transnational cooperation in different EU projects and programmes. The tangible outcomes from the project include developed training curricula for industrial automation systems and printed books with training materials, as well as interactive training tools sourced on project web-site and on a CD. The diversity of languages of the project products will allow them to be accessed by all interested parties. The intangible outcomes of the project include increasing the flexibility of SME employees who want to improve their qualification, ensuring the successful realization of the target groups on the labour market, increasing the motivation of target groups and their commitment for life-long learning and career planning. The project will have an impact on the quality of vocational training in SMEs and international co-operation in the area of industrial automation systems.
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