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Development of children's learning and influence in a sustainable perspective
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Infjärdens preschool area is located in the countryside in Piteå Municipality located in northern Sweden. There are a total of 210 children aged 1 to 6 years old enrolled in four preschool units. It works 42 staff in the field and a manager. Infjärdens preschool area has a socially homogeneous group of children and influences from other cultures / environments are not great. In the area there are two development projects. One project is about developing "Children's learning and influence" and the second is sustainable development. Within the project "Children's learning and empowerment", the area has already many projects out there in the preschools but to develop further needs more input from other countries' experiences. The pre-schools need to reflect his own experience against other countries' attitudes and experiences. Based on the project goals we have found partners who can develop the area's already begun development project. The overall objectives are: - Develop methods and tools to enhance and develop children's learning and influence. - Based on the targets in the "School for Sustainable Development" create a platform for internationalization and increase awareness of the global learning. - Increasing teachers' language development, particularly in English - Greater insight into the European educational dime function. A partner in Italy, Imola Municipality is working for many years with primarily an attitude towards children and children's influence is very inspiring and interesting for us to learn more about. The cooperative Melarancia working on children's learning based on fysical activity that feels like a very interesting perspective to learn more about. Rezekne preschools workingwith different cultural approaches based on children's learning that pre-schools in Infjärden need to develop. With Gridavik have Infjärdens kindergartens already an ongoing e-Twinning project on sustainable development. The project needs to be deepened and developed further. The area has been awarded the "School of sustainable development". A goal that needs strengthening is internationalization. Therefore, this mobility projects is in line with what the area needs to strengthen and develop. English language needs to be improved with the teachers so that they have better knowledge of the English language so they can eventually continue to develop European cooperation. As the Infjärdens preschool area is located in the countryside of northern Sweden it is necessary with input and learning about other parts of Europe. Feeling of being part of a European perspective needs to be strengthened. Four teachers will visit Imola for five days and the other visits will contain five educators for five days. The methods that will be used in the project is job shadowing, seminars, lectures and workshops. Prior to the visits, communication will be through digital tools like Skype, e-mail. e-Twinning and telephone. The staff will prepare themselves through literature studies, peer learning and become part of a project in the area that ensures that all staff are incorporated into the project. The staff involved will have to make an application to the preschool director and during the project and write their experiences and learning in a logbook. Results of the project will be presented at conferences, disseminated in local media, and form the basis for continued development in our region systematic quality work. Long term, the project also form the basis and foundation for continued EU cooperation projects. After the project period of two years, our cooperation have evolved so that there is a basis for a bigger application for EU projects.
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