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Development of Career Guidance Aimed at Improving Higher Education in Serbia
Start date: Oct 15, 2011,

Number of European documents /Memorandum of lifelong learning, Resolution on better integration lifelong guidance into lifelong learning, ET2020…/ considers career guidance as key strategic component for implementing lifelong learning and employment strategies at national and regional levels. Career guidance contributes to higher efficiency in HE, higher level and better quality of human resource, addresses shortage of skills, decreases drop out, but also contributes to achieving significant objectives in field of employment. Project CareerS is focused on development of career guidance in higher education as an integral part of development of system of career guidance in Serbia. Specific objectives of project are: Development of Program of Career Information, Guidance and Education aiming to increase youth employability, Enabling wider accessibility and variety of programs in Career guidance at Higher Education Institutions, Raising the level of recognizing importance of Career Guidance by the policy makers and other stake holders and Development of CGC Programme for Youth and Methodology for CGC centers at Serbian HE institution. Through this project, we will try to contribute to the implementation of certain measures and activities of the National Strategy of career guidance and counseling which are primarily related to students. The document itself represents an important strategic framework and a platform for institutionalization, sustainability and further development and promotion of CGC in Serbia. Readiness of the State to be more actively involved in dealing with career guidance system and the establishment of centers of the state universities that work since 2006. represent a suitable basis to integrate “bottom-up”and “top-down” processes in order to strengthen links between policy and practice in the area of career guidance. Direct benefit of the project will have students, universities, academic staff, employers and policy makers.
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