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Development of a support tool to train European aircraft maintenance engineers to Part66 licence
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 28 Feb 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Inno66 project aims at developing and demonstrating an innovative multimedia support to train aircraft maintenance engineers to a European certification: the EASA Part66 licence, approved by the European Commission. Part66 aviation regulations define the conditions under which a maintenance engineer is authorized to release an aircraft into service after a maintenance operation. The conditions required are defined by minimum education requirements (school leaving certificates, working language, etc) as well as type rating qualifications for the aircraft or particular tasks. To get this licence, trainees have to be trained for about 1200 hours to both theoretical and practical concepts. In order to support them in this long learning process, the Inno66 partners wants to develop an immersive multimedia platform that will gather the digests of the 17 modules of the official licence together with a set of serious games that will allow users to virtually experiment normal operations as well as facing some failures that are not possible with real aircrafts due to high costs of immobilizing an aircraft. This innovative platform, available in English and French, will constitute an important progress in the Vocational Education Training (VET) system by proposing complementary and informal tool to improve the skills of trainees when promoting the use of ICT technologies. To reach its objectives, the Inno66 project gathers 4 partners from 3 EU countries (France, Ireland and Belgium). It will be coordinated by the French SME LCI, already involved in LLP programme and notably in the AIRVET project (Leonardo Da Vinci). This company is specialised in the development of IT solutions for aeronautics training, and particularly in the creation of e-learning solutions and serious games. To support the development of the Inno66 platform, LCI will collaborate with 3 training centres (AFMAé (FR), TechniFutur (BE) and ASTech (Ireland)) experimented in Part66 training. These training centres will develop the content of the lessons and the serious games to LCI that will transform it into interactive and attractive support. Inno66 partners will implement a precise methodology that will be easily replicable by any interested organizations. First, training centres will define the methodological and pedagogical approaches when LCI will develop the specifications of the platform. Then, training centres will develop the content of the modules and the serious games in English and French and also adapt it to the French, Irish and Belgian contexts. The content will be evaluated by an external expert. Then the IT platform will be developed and also evaluated. An experimentation phase will take place, where training centres will involve at least 50 end users per country and monitor their progresses and results. An analysis of this experimentation phase will be led so as to improve the platform if needed. The Inno66 project should result in the development of several products that will have an important short term impact: - An innovative methodology for supporting trainees to get the Part66 licence will be developed. - A set of modules containing the essential information of an intense training will be worked out. - A set of serious games aiming at improving trainees skill will be designed. - At least 150 trainees will experiment the Inno66 tool. - An important number of European stakeholders (including public authorities) informed. Partners want to provide to the 28 EU MS a suitable and relevant tool to support them to improve the skills of their aircraft maintenance engineers. The Inno66 methodology and platform will be easily transferable to any European contexts and should, in that way, improve the level of knowledge of European workers. In that way, the Inno66 project will participate, in long term perspective, in the development of an higher education of European adults and promote informal learning systems.
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