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Development of a multifunctional drug eluting stent (DES) (MultiDES)
Start date: May 31, 2009, End date: Mar 30, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main aim of MultiDES is to develop a new vascular stent. It will have a coating which allows the absorption of one or more active substances released for several months in order to reduce the post-operative risk related to stent implantation (restenosis, thrombosis, inflammation or infections). The coated CD polymers serve as a versatile drug delivery carrier where the loading of more than one active substance will be possible and the surgeon can select the type of bioactive molecule that responds to the patient needs before implantation. This new Drug Eluting Stent (DES) is expected to improve patient care by lowering the risk of clot related complications. The highly complementary expertise and knowledge of the two respective Universities will be called upon to pass a technological bolt in the development of a new DES and medical devices. Universities have an excellent infrastructure and it will be beneficial to utilize the full capacity on offer. MultiDES will also encourage the mobility of English and French students as well as cooperation between Universities and hospitals of the crossborder area since many clinicians will also be informed of the project and invited to take part in the clinical evaluation planned as a follow-up study to this project. Expected Results: What are the key results of the project?- A non toxic multifunctional stent bearing two drugs with excellent biocompatibility and hemocompatibility.- To provide stents with excellent surface coatings in terms of uniformity, thickness and controlled amounts of drug molecules.- The developed multifunctional DES should be loaded with at least one antiproliferative and one antithrombotic active drug on the stent surface at sufficient drug loadings within the therapeutic levels.- The results of this activity are anticipated to make a breakthrough in the technology of medical devices and drug eluting stents.- To complete clinical trials and prove the blood and tissue compatibility of CD-grafted stents.- Clinical trials to demonstrate that the applied coating materials do not interfere with the endothelialisation and have no adverse effects.- The MultiDES stents are expected to prevent thrombosis and neointimal formation due to the synergistic effect of the two active substances.Are all partners and territories benefitting from the results?In the current project we aim to target patient groups that suffer from cardiovascular disease (CVD) called atherosclerosis. The development of a multifunctional stent for first time, that can effectively release drug(s) amounts at therapeutic levels and for prolonged period times will be of great importance for patients life by giving them a chance for a healthier heart.The beneficiaries will not be limited to this group but also the public will be informed about the risks, precautions and treatment of CVD through the meetings, congresses, scientific workshops which will be organised by the Universities of Greenwich and Lille 1&2.The academic community and researchers in the same area are expected to benefit from the project by communicating the results and clinical findings.There is a great opportunity to commercialize the developed stents due to the unique design of the two active drugs loaded in biocompatible polymers. Thus it will facilitate the creation of new jobs in the crossborder territory and contribute to the economic development.What are the effects / outcomes for the territories involved?MultiDES tries to resolve a common healthcare issue using cutting edge research and development activities. It contributes to research and innovation, through post-graduate studies, further training of researchers, and attracting more young people into scientific and technical studies.A dynamic network among local companies through stent commercialization is to be created. The successful project completion will lead to patent submission and will seek industrial partners. The companies in the cross border area will be preferred for the manufacture and commercialisation of the new DES in order to contribute to the economic development and innovation of the local area. The success of the stent will help reduce public expenditure and thereby reduce costly diagnostics treatment costs. Most importantly, it will increase public awareness about symptoms, treatment, risks of the coronary artery diseases including the achievements on the new MultiDES stents developed by the partners

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