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Development of a heat storage system to improve energy efficiency in CHP power plants and in solar driven industrial applications with high relevance to SME (HEAT SAVER)
Start date: Sep 1, 2008, End date: Feb 28, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"The HEAT SAVER proposal will create a novel and portable form of thermo-chemical storage that will be compatible with both existing combined heat and power systems and also with solar energy sources. It will comprise, within a containerised body, a zeolite-based thermo-chemical store, high and low temperature heat exchangers, a water store and its associated control systems. By operating alongside a CHP or solar heating system the HEAT SAVER system will allow otherwise wasted heat from these systems to be stored and used at another time. In the case of CHP that heat could be used in a colder season, whereas in the case of solar it could be used at night, when solar power systems cannot operate. By putting the system into a portable container, the stored heat can also be transported by truck or rail to another location where the energy is required. The addition of such a portable heat storage system will make these two environmentally friendly energy sources even more efficient and thus more economical and cheaper to run, making them more attractive to consumers. Approximately 50% of Europe’s energy demand is for heating purposes and anything that can reduce the amount of fossil fuel burned – particularly gas – can only be for the good. In an age of spiralling demand for fossil fuels, with its associated environmental and geo-political ramifications, the HEAT SAVER system will help to reduce Europe’s demand for fossil fuels and lead to a stronger and cleaner European Union. We the SMEPs involved – B&O, Giordano, ZeoSys, SIAUT and MOD – believe we have within our consortium the skills required to devise this system, but lack the expertise and resource in research and development to take this project from the drawing board to market – it is therefore an ideal candidate for the “Research for the Benefit of SMEs programme”."
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