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Development and transfer of modules on the topic of "modern management of sports facilities" into vocational training and further education in EU member states

The social significance of the sport was emphasized by the European Union in the treaty of Amsterdam, which demanded the realization of a balanced and sustainable development (agenda 21). The translation of these stipulations into action and into systems of vocational training and further education for management and technical staff of sports facilities is subject of this proposal.Due to its high importance all European countries dispose of a large number of sports facilities, in Germany alone appr. 170.000, in Slovenia the superficies of sports facilities increased three and a half times between 1975 and 2003. AT the same time sport offers labour, for example in Germany to appr. 450.000 employees.The sector of leisure and sport is one of the largest growth industries in Europe, still the segment of “sports facilities” has to overcome significant problems in order to secure its future in a sustainable way. This applies to all three sectors of agenda 21: Economy – the rising costs for energy have increased the budget of sports facilities significantly; Ecology- the high consumption of energy is a burden on the environment; Social – in many countries government subsidies for sports facilities have been cut or stopped altogether, economizations due to this development more often than not are to the loss of the socially weak. Moreover expectations of the users of sports facilities in regard to quality and ambiance of sports facilities have been hightened significantly which forces the operators to develop new concepts. In order to improve this situation in a sustainable way it is imperative to develop a new curriculum and training courses for managers of sports facilities and their technical staff which integrates the requirements of agenda 21. Such a training until now is missing in Europe both in vocational training and further education. This proposal is based on a pilot project, which the applicant accomplishes at present in Germany on "development of a qualification system for sports facility managers and co-workers for an adjustment of the sports sites according to Agenda 21(QUASPO)" for BMBF/BIBB and whose results already have been in large demand by the European partners. The four modules for further education gained in QUASPO in this project provide the basis for the development of a total of seven modules for initial vocational training of personnel working later on in sports facilities like experts on sport and fitness, technicians (electricians, plumbers) or managers. Elements of this initial vocational training later on can be used for further education as well.
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