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Development and implementation of the Master Programme -“Eco-Engineering - environmental processing and sustainable use of renewable recourses and bio-waste”
Start date: Oct 15, 2011,

The issues of environmental safety and “green” energy processing are being highly politicised and officially belong to prior economic and social development policies in Kazakhstan and Russia. However, the current economic realities and relevant educational infrastructure do not allow effective realization of these policies. Mostly, it is not the lack of financial resources or political will, but more the lack of relevant specialists; educational background, practical experience that keeps countries from implementing of the environmental policy and relevant foreign companies from direct investments in this area. In response to the challenges and to great potential in “green” energy processing of the participating regions from Kazakhstan and Russia the project aims at development and implementation of the inter-disciplinary Master Program “Eco-Engineering - environmental process and energy engineering based on renewable resources and bio-waste”. Project's wider objectives are: 1) Strengthening educational competitiveness and international involvement of Partner Universities through brining them on international standards in accordance with Bologna process in fields of environmental safety and efficient processing of “green” energy2) Promoting inter-regional cooperation of the participating regions on academic, political and business level in relevant Project’s specific objectives are:1) Launching of developed Master Programme in partner Universities by the 2nd project year.2) ca. 7-12 students with sufficient background and language skills from each partner university will enter the programme;3) Bringing relevant academic content in accordance to EU standards & Bologna process;4) Ensure practice related knowledge transfer and cross-country experience-exchange;5) Ensuring efficient utilization of already gained experiences from relevant projects;6) Rising of political & public awareness of the problems addressed;7) Secure project’s durability, transferability
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