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“Development and human validation of new healthier food products using low-cost functional ingredients” (FOFIND)
Start date: Nov 1, 2012, End date: Jun 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"FOFIND will develop new affordable daily consumed functional food (biscuits, breads and juices) and nutritional supplements, using innovative low cost functional ingredients derived from milk and potato fibre. This new products will be directed to population with specific nutritional needs that cause hypertension, hypercholesterol, osteoporosis, anemia and bowel problems.The main results of FOFIND will be (1) Functional ingredients derived from milk by-products with demonstrated activity (Lowpept plus phytosterols, CPPs plus calcium salts, CPPs plus iron salts); (2) Nutritional complement tablets with functional ingredients derived from milk by-products; (3) New biscuits with functional ingredients derived from milk by-products and potato fibre; (4) New bakery products with functional ingredients derived from milk by-products and potato fibre and (5) New juices with functional ingredients derived from milk by-products.Human testing will be carried out to demonstrate the functionality of the results: (i) Lowpept to prevent hypertension; (ii) Lowpept plus phytosterols to prevent cholesterol and hypertension; (iii) CPPs plus calcium salts to help the absorption of calcium and (iv) CPPs plus iron salts to prevent anemia.FOFIND project will support SMEs breaking through these barriers, by means of the development of new added-value functional food and nutritional supplements to be implemented in a short term, which will allow SMEs to increase their competitiveness and will lead them to achieve new market niches and new consumer profiles. FOFIND will develop new functional ingredients and food aimed to improve the most prevalent nutritional needs in EU, providing added value to the final products and, ultimately, increasing the return of investment of food producer SMEs.In order to ensure project objectives, FOFIND consortium is formed by four SMEs and five RTDs from four EU countries (Spain, Poland, Sweden and Germany)."

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