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Today, one of the biggest problems of the world is gradually increasing energy needs. To achieve energy, countries are sacrificing their own resources and resorting to any precaution. For this purpose, as one of the strategic objectives of the European Commission 2020 “Providing 20% energy efficiency, compared to 2000” is chosen as one of priority target. According to the OECD report, the world's 40% of the total energy consumption is consumed in households.It is possible to increase energy efficiency in residents with the prevention of energy losses. The most effective way of protecting residential thermal insulation is having thermal insulation done. Today, the thermal insulation applications in Turkey are done ignoring climatic conditions. But heat insulation is a discipline that should be applied according to climate conditions. Due to the geographic location, the climatic conditions vary between the provinces of Turkey. While thermal insulation in Turkey should be done with different specified conditions in each region, thermal insulation applications are performed as a single type of in all the provinces. Some provinces in Turkey are hot, some are cold and some provinces have a temperate climate. When the same methods of insulating are used in all the provinces; there is loss of energy in cold provinces and loss of the insulating material in hot provincesThe aim of this project is making thermal insulation based on climatic conditions and the development of related curriculum. For this purpose, regulations in Turkey and Europe will be examined and detailed climate mapping of these countries will be done. To create a general principle in thermal insulation, results and thermal insulation applications will be transferred to learning modules theoretically and practically. E-learning will be made through the Web site. The most important part of the project is thermal insulation applications. Three different provinces are selected in terms of geographical location and climatic characteristics of Turkey. (Sakarya, Hakkari, Gümüşhane). Thermal insulation applications will be done with different methods in these three cities. The data about heat losses, temperature, rainfall, etc. will be recorded daily. Heat losses will be recorded with thermal cameras and will be compared with climatic data.At the end of the project the data got from these three provinces will be analysed in detail and lost energy depended on climate will be determined. Heat insulation curriculum will be developed according to current regulation by transferring the project results to learning modules. In the short term the project partners and engineering faculties and in the long term heat insulation sector and related institutions will be affected. In addition changes in related regulations are other supposed results. All partners of the project are the institutions which fulfil education activities in heat insulation sector or which have experience about construction.
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