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Developing the Economic Environment of the Ports and their Local Economies (DEEP)

The purpose of this (two year) project is to develop a leading edge programme, designed to enable the identification, generation and application of business support and economic development products and services. The uptake of these products and services by companies will help to companies (SMEs) survive and grow within the changing economic environment. The project will be designed and delivered within areas where a Port and the marine sector is a major employer and is therefore a crucial economic driver in the hinterland. The areas within the Interreg region are: in France; Boulogne, St Omer, and Calais: in England; Medway (Thames Gateway) East Kent and the Channel Corridor (where clusters of transport companies exist).Through this project the main business support providers in each area will exchange information, experience and staff to develop leading edge products and services of enhanced value to their customers, namely the managers and employees of SMEs. Through this project, support for the SMEs will lead to the modernisation of those port economies identified within this application.
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