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Developing staff competence through courses and job-shadowing
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school is a secondary school in Sweden with around 250 students aged between 16-19. We have many students who are immigrants from Somalia as well as parts of Asia (Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran mainly). We also have students with Swedish as their native language. Our school is a school for students who haven't managed to get all the grades necessary to move on to secondary studies. We offer classes bort on primary and secondary level. We have a lot of students who have learning disabilities of different kinds and are in need of ICT in order to conduct their studies. We have long been needing and wanting more technical equipment (iPads, PCs etc) to help out students in their studies. As of this year we have started getting more and more technical equipment to use in our classrooms. Many of the students at our school have dyslexia or similar problems with their learning which results in the need for us teachers to use ICT to help make the students learning easier and more available. Due to the earlier lack of technical equipment our staff has not had much training or skills in teaching with ICT-tools. We have had a few very short courses on the topic of ICT in the classroom, but nothing that has been hands on or resulted in concrete tips and ideas for the teachers. We have chosen to apply for funding for 8 staff members to go to Cyprus for a course on using ICT in the classroom. The 8 staff are all teachers from different subjects. The objectives of the project are; -to raise staff competence when it comes to using ICT in the classroom. -to help students with special needs and learning disabilities succeed in their studies by making them more accessible through the use of ICT in the classroom. -to help our students, who tend to leave school early because they have a history of failing in school, to feel like they have the tools to finally have success in school. This will stop the problem we have with early school leavers. The project partner was choosen based on the course they are providing and the fact that it goes in line with what we want to develop in our school. The partner will provide a course on ICT in the classroom. We are expecting a deeper knowledge among our staff regarding how we can incorporate the use of ICT-tools in our classrooms. This in turn will provide our students with tools to help them succeed in their studies and be able to have success regardless of their learning disabilities. After the course we will have seminars and conferences with our colleagues that are not joining us for the course and tell them about the possibilities with ICT in the classroom. We will also have workshops where we can use/practise what we have learned from the course together. The potential long-term benefits from the project is that the students reach success in their studies at an earlier stage and that will be benifical not only to the student but also to society as the student will be available for work or further studies.
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