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Developing staff and pupil's linguistic skills
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Worcesters began a partnership with a school in Madrid in 2013 which involved several members of staff visiting our partner school school at different times of the year. The coordinator from that school has also had the opportunity to visit us at Worcesters. These opportunities have helped us to build a good foundation between the schools. Following my involvement in this project and as the Modern Foreign Languages coordinator, I have been able to support Worcesters in improving its implementation of Spanish and introducing Spanish to Year1 and Reception. The aim of this project is to further develop Worcesters teaching of Spanish in both the language and the culture. We aim to have more fluent and confident Spanish speakers and that the children will have a much better understanding of how different the Spanish culture is to ours in the UK. We will continue to develop this partnership for the next 2 years as part of this project as this will enable us to continue to build upon our links with our partner school in Spain and to give various members of staff the opportunity to participate and improve their knowledge and skills. Before we begin the activities, the tasks and the agenda will be shared between myself and the coordinator in our partner school to ensure that both schools are aware and in agreement with the aims and what the staff will be doing during this project. The staff will meet with me to obtain their tasks and any maps and routes to the school so I can ensure that the travel arrangements are clear. The first activity, October 2015, will involve the participation of 3 members of staff, myself, the EYFS and Year 1 phase Leader and the EMA coordinator. During this activity the staff members will have the opportunity to observe lessons in our partner school that are taught in both Spanish and in English. This will give the staff an opportunity to identify different methods and strategies that are utilized in Spain with regards to teaching a language. Resulting from this, the EYFS and Year 1 phase leader will be able to support the staff and the teaching of Spanish in her phase and the EMA coordinator will be able to support our school in improving our pupils skills in speaking Spanish more fluently. In order for Worcesters to better develop its implementation of Spanish, our staff's confidence and knowledge must also be supported and developed further. Our second activity, Easter 2016, will involve 3 different members of staff taking part in the same activities as stated above which will make it possible for more members of staff to improve their skills. The final activity, Easter 2017, will again involve 3 members of staff who will build on the experiences of those who attended course 1. Before each activity takes place the adults will complete a baseline assessment of their language skills. Following the completion of this project, new baselines and assessments will be carried out so that I can Identify the impact that this project has had upon our teaching and learning of Spanish. All of the artifacts that will have been collected during the project will be shared with the staff and the pupils to support the children's learning. This will especially help to develop our Year 4 pupils who study about Spain in the autumn term. The staff at Worcesters will be regularly updated with the progress of the project through staff meetings carried out by myself so that everyone is clear what the aims, intentions and findings have been. This will also help to ensure that all members of staff are more confident and supported in their teaching of Spanish which will lead to more confident and fluent Spanish speakers. As a National Leader of Education, the results from this project will be shared with other schools and so they may be able to support not only Worcesters, but also a wider community in their implementation of Spanish.

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