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Developing skills of students, in the installation of modern computerized automation systems in buildings, for more efficient energy management
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Plan Framework High cost of energy and environmental impact by its consumption, lead to development of innovative management and exploitation techniques of modern electronic automation systems, which are focusing at efficient buildings energy resources management (heating, cooling, lighting, etc.), improving meanwhile the quality of citizens life, by creating "smart building" which 'thinks' instead of us and manages in most efficiently way, all energy sources of the building. Efficient energy management of buildings requires technicians who know, understand and exploit modern electronics of building automation systems that grow rapidly and require new technical knowledge, skills and abilities. The disciplines of Electrical and Electronics related directly to the design, installation and maintenance of all these electronic systems. Students who will participate in the program will acquire knowledge and skills to utilize electrical and electronic systems of building automation, in order to exploit and expand their professional horizons. For the participants of the program objectives were implemented: • Expansion and development of knowledge, skills and abilities to utilize modern and innovative electronics of building automation systems • Connection between Vocational Education and labor market, with targeted visits with technical and professional interest to companies and organizations who apply modern electronics in building automation systems • Development and utilization of their talent in the thematic area of automation by solving real everyday life problems • Understanding the wide range of applications of electronic automation not only in buildings but also in automobiles, industry, agriculture and hence the easier employment opportunities • Acquaintance with the labor market and its conditions, increasing the chances of future employment or business cooperation • Development of intercultural skills and a sense of European citizenship and identity • Encourage of participation in democratic life in Europe (Lisbon Treaty) • knowledge of best practices for sustainable management and development using modern technology •Cultivation of team spirit and cooperation among team members, enhancing sociability confidence and sense of initiative, because of their residence in a foreign country • Awareness of the need for constant update on technological developments • Strengthen of their personal development • Communication skills development by living experience in a European country • Improvement of their language skills in occupational English • Certification of knowledge received • Transportation of know-how and good practices in the school community • Enhancement of the vocational education attractiveness Number and profile of participants, project activities, and methodology. This project involves training of 15 students of 1st EC Lagkada who study as technicians on Electronics and Electrical automation, accompanied from 2 teachers. The program included 36 hours seminar on electronic building automation, visits with technical and professional interest to companies and organizations which use these modern and innovative systems. Furthermore includes cultural activities. It lasted two weeks and held in Barcelona in April 2016. The results of the project for the participants are: •Improvement of theoretical knowledge and development of skills in modern automation technologies • Enlargement of their careers opportunities • Expansion of intercultural and language skills • Improvement of their personal development and social skills • Improvement of self-confidence and ability to take initiatives • Enlargement of their analytical and critical way of thinking • Increase students' interest and willingness to learn • Certification knowledge acquired, Europass, Project impact and long-term benefits. The impact for the participants is the strengthen of the European dimension in education through participation in the knowledge of innovative modern systems and the effect of visits with technical and professional interest, the utilization of new knowledge and its application in the classroom, the connection between Vocational Education and labor market, new business opportunities for students in order to gain experience in the implementation of European programs. The dissemination of good practices implemented throughout the project will yield long-term benefits, enhancing the sustainability of the project
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