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Developing Research and Pedagogy
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Hall Meadow Primary School s located on the edge of a market town in the East Midland and has been established since 2003.It now functions at full capacity with 7 single form entry classes from reception to year 6. Graded as an outstanding school since our last inspection in 2008, we work with an ethos which encourages, Respect, Responsibility and Reflection. Through a pedagogy that attends to the needs of the whole child, the school has secured exceptionally high standards for young learners. The school also is also a lead school for the 'Inspire' teaching school alliance" which is founded on the principle that all schools have something to offer each other. We place as much emphasis on the emotional and social wellbeing of the child, as we do on the cognitive elements of learning. This has what has enabled us to continue to be one of the most highly performing schools in the country and to work collaboratively with many other schools to share our practice. Our international schools work has enriched the curriculum and our intention is continue to strengthen this aspect as we move forward in developing our curriculum. As leaders in Education, we are always looking for new creative ways to enhance and develop teaching and learning. A multicultural approach will give opportunities to form links with other professionals and formulate professional dialogue. At the heart of education lies the children and any opportunity to enhance and develop their learning and their ability to think critically will be a useful tool for learning.We aims to broaden our perspective and maintain high standards both in our school and in the schools that we support and share practice with.The objectives of the project are as follows;* To develop strategies for leadership in disseminating good practice in action research and ultimately to ensure teaching and learning allows all children to demonstrate their cognitive capabilities and reach expected age related standards * To develop whole school strategies for accelerating progress in children who find access to the curriculum more challenging through use of innovation and developing depth of understanding* To enhance the teaching of mental maths to raise standards of attainment and to develop understanding of the mastery of mathsThis project is intended to inform the teaching and learning to secure the best possible outcomes for children. By exploring highly effective practice and a multicultural approach to learning, we intend to inform and develop our own practice as educators and also to share and disseminate this practice within our own school, our local schools and eventually internationally with our partner schools. We strive to continue to develop children's levels or engagement, their critical thinking, their creativity and their passion for learning through inquiry. Our aim is to enrich the curriculum with a range of pedagogical practices that attend to the needs of individual learners and which motivates them and develops an understanding of diversity and inclusion alongside fostering a culture of sharing.We have chosen specific training courses in Finland, Belgium and Sweden to help us achieve our objectives. This project will ideally engage 6 members initially, who will receiving training in the 3 different countries over a period of 24 months. It will focus on the development of innovative and highly effective practice in the areas of mathematics, research and leadership and the acceleration of vulnerable groups in English. Staff have been selected and carefully considered in terms of how they will be able to impact directly on the work of the school and enhance and develop the teaching and learning across the school and across the network. These training opportunities are intended to inform the practice of all staff across the schools and schools involved. We aim to establish a secure platform for the sharing of pedagogical practices and to create a sustainable forum for professional dialogue and further learning across our network.A number of impacts are excepted as a result of taking part in this project:A wider perspective for participants regarding effective practices in international contexts and the capacity to inform own practiceAn improved capacity to train and lead othersA professional forum established giving opportunities to discuss pedagogy and practiceInternational connections to contribute to the international work done in schoolImproved creativity across the curriculum whilst maintaining high standards and outcomesImproved understanding of how to apply skills in calculations to a range of contextsIncreased opportunities for a whole school approach to communicating with schools internationally to enrichThe long term aims of this project will be that the knowledge and understanding passed on through the participants will fully engage pupils, promote international links and secure high standards for all groups of learners.
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