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Developing Quality in Mathematics Education II

The network "Developing Quality in Mathematics Education II" will be a continuation ofthe associated project "Developing Quality in Mathematics Education". It will be anextension of the very productive and transferable results attained so far, and anexpansion from four to eleven participating countries. Because we have in each countrygroups consisting of universities, teacher education institutions and schools, a specialfeature of this project will be the strong connection between theory and practice andbetween the research and development of mathematics education. Cross-culturalcooperation and exchange of ideas, materials, teachers and pupils will be continued bydeveloping quality in mathematics education, especially in the area of mathematicalmodelling. The quality and application of the developed learning materials will also beguaranteed by using, comparing and modifying them in twelve different countries. Thiscomparison will lead to an agreement about contents of mathematical learning andteaching in eleven European countries. Thus it is hoped to establish a "EuropeanCurriculum for the teaching and learning of mathematics" in the 21st century. Using theavailable technology of today (for example the planned communication platform) wehope to provide far reaching and exciting possibilities for sharing ideas and methodsand exchanging materials, including video-sequences, to get a better understanding ofthe development of epistemological aspects of mathematics education. An exciting,extraordinary and substantial consequence of this project will be that the community ofmathematics educators in Europe will be able to expand and share their professionalrelations and collaboration opportunities.
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