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Developing qualification profiles for jobs in Ambient-Assisted Living
Start date: Jan 1, 2011,

Rationales of this project are the demographic change and the resulting increasing demand for geriatric care on the one hand, as well as the increasing individualisation of society on the other hand. Concepts of ambient-assisted living (AAL) have been developed in several European countries during the last decade and include concepts, products and services aiming at connecting technology and social needs with the goal to increase quality and length of independant living for elderly. Ever since ambient assisted living is not only an issue of technological research and development but a rapidly growing economic sector creating new jobs. The complexity of all the useful innovations in the field of AAL needs professionals who know how to incorporate, install, service, and use those devices. Currently, there are no specific further vocational trainings, related to the use and development of ambient-assisted living systems and tools, available in European countries. It is high time to build a bridge between the technical developments and the actual use in the everyday living of the elderly who choose to stay at home rather than moving into nursing homes. A set of new qualifications and skills profiles for these new challenges relevant to employees from various backgrounds, for example architects building AAL compatible homes, staff of ambulatory home care, or IT experts or technicians willing to specialise in AAL technology is therefore necessary. The consortium consisting of partners who have been successfully working together in previous projects in related fields, will develop a set of 4-5 defined professions in the field of AAL. For those professions, national as well as one comprehensive European Specialist Profile for each qualification described by learning outcomes will be set up. Those profiles will be accompanied by guidelines for training institutions so that they can set up training offers in the field of ambient-assisted living professions accordingly.
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