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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In many studies moving from the idea that level of entrepreneurship of the countries is due to the interaction of individual and institutional variables, research on the conceptual framework of entrepreneurship has been conducted and support policies and performance based on this framework have been established. Early stage entrepreneurship GEM index in Turkey,the average in 2006-2008 was 6% which rose 8.59% in 2010 , the increase continued in 2011 and 2012 and has been approximately 12% . So , 12 of every 100 people , either planned to start entrepreneurial activity in the last 12 months or already started a new entrepreneurial activity . When we rank countries in terms of early entrepreneurship index , Turkey ranked under the middle between 2006-2008 while rising two countries up from average in 2010 and rising 8 countries in 2011 with its increased entrepreneurial activity . In 2012, the number of persons in entrepreneurial activity increased. While the rate was 7.57% in 2011 , it increased by 17.8 % in 2012 . In the index of entrepreneurial activity in a matter of necessity , it became only 3.77 % ,from 3.75 % while the difference between needs and opportunities based index has continued to open . Educational materials of vocational education institutions and associated organizations, to encourage youth entrepreneurship and uncover their talent and interest and create new business ideas are insufficient in the EU standards. Young people interested in entrepreneurship skills do not have enough self-confidence. In this regard, the pool of ideas will be created with the idea of devoloping business entrepreneurship awareness among the youth. In order to develop entrepreneurial and innovative approaches in Turkey that will accelerate the development of vocational training institutions , initiatives that have the potential must be provided the necessary support. Especially entrepreneurial, innovative and R & D activities are required to be developed.Quality assurance system in Turkey needs to be improved for the growth of innovative practice. Within our project, entrepreneurial and innovative approaches for the development of entrepreneurship curriculum, web-based business idea pool, entrepreneurship manual, mobile applications and e-learning system will be established. In the first phase of our project, needs analysis, curriculum, books, e-learning and mobile application products will be developed towards the realization of business ideas. This will increase the quality of open educational resources, sustainability and will increase the number of young entrepreneurs. The project's goals are acquiring and developing entrepreneurial skills at the EU standards, encouraging innovative approaches and creating virtual training modules. It is essential to support the vocational education authorities and individuals for the development and accelaration of entrepreneurial activities in Turkey. Especially projects under the content of research and development activities should be developed in an innovative way. Within the scope of our project, we will create special curriculum, an online pool of work ideas, mobile applications and e-learning sytem to develop the innovative methods of entrepreneurship. Need-analyses (SWOT and reports of survey analyses) will rely on the e-learning system and work packages. Besides, dissemination activities will help the project to be heard and contribute to creating similar projects in future. Project's local partners include a university, a SME and an economic development agency.; while the outer partners include an Italian university and a Polish university. The fact that our partners include a development agency, a SME, universities and a work development centre will increase the quality of the partnership and help in the process of creating and disseminating project materials.
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