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Developing Language Teaching Competencies and Global Dimension
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Bangabandhu Primary School is a fully inclusive, Rights Respecting School located in inner London. The school's intake is diverse, reflecting the local community. For the past seven years, Spanish has been taught weekly in KS2. Currently, the school follows a bi-weekly model whereby the MFL coordinator delivers one lesson with the class teacher present, followed by a lesson taught by the class teacher independently. Our current school development plan includes developing global links and citizenship ensuring that children respect other cultures and religions, through an increased inclusion of global citizenship in curriculum planning and teaching. By 2017 Bangabandhu aims to ensure that every KS2 teacher is capable of delivering quality language lessons using as much target language as possible with correct pronunciation and increased confidence. Global links and understanding will also be incorporated into every KS2 year group's curriculum planning and teaching.KS2 classroom teachers have been identified as key participants as they play a key role in planning and teaching language and topic lessons. Following a language skills and confidence audit, it is apparent that most of these teachers have little or no prior knowledge of Spanish and do not feel confident teaching it and developing cross-curricular links. As there is a high turn-over of staff, including a high number of NQTs in KS2, these teachers will need to be given the opportunity to develop their language competency and teaching methodology. We aim to send six teachers on teacher week-long mobility for training per academic year (2016-2018). Prior to mobility, teachers will participate in Spanish language twilight training sessions to prepare those who are going. This will enable them to fully benefit from the immersion experience that they will have in Spain. On return from the week long mobility participants will engage in follow-up sessions to consolidate the experience, develop action plans and put them into practice. The immediate results will be seen in the improved quality of Spanish lessons being taught in KS2. Teachers will have a better knowledge of the language and culture and more confidence in speaking Spanish. They will also have a better knowledge of different methods of delivering these lessons. As a result of this project the school will take part in a number of linked projects with twinned schools which will develop their global awareness and European dimension. Following this training participating teachers will be incorporating European links into their curriculum planning. The impact of this will be that the children will develop more tolerant behavior towards understanding cultural differences and their place in society as European citizens. On return from mobility participants will present a series of European assemblies and disseminate training received to other staff in staff meetings.
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