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Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2019 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The guidEU project responds to the Europe 2020 priorities in the area of education and training, youth and early school leaving in the context of globalization, free cross-border movement of workers and labour market integration. Project's main aim is to prevent dropping out of school and disengagement from the labour market through provision of personalised, high-quality career guidance system and tools supporting pupils with career explorations and overcoming shortages of highly trained councellors. The project sets up to build strong links between schools, training institutions, employers and parents across countries to best link curricula to international employment opportunities, reduce mismatches in skills and career choices. The project consortium is a complex partnership engaging both private and public schools and organizations, institutions active in the field of education/training coming from 4 European countries - PL,SP,CY,TR.The objectives of the project are:1) reduce early school dropout through professionalized career guidance2) overcome shortages of counsellors at schools3) enrich scare offer of free-of-charge and barrier free tools (including the ICT-based ones), for the recognition of students' career predispositions and interest to be used on their own4) enrich scarce offer of career-oriented materials and free-of-charge tools for guidance counsellors, devoid of technological barriers to the computer use5) improve career guidance services through engaging tools, methods, linking school curricula to international job opportunities6) foster youth provision, equity on the labour market The target groups of the project who will benefit from the project products and take part in the projects’ activities are as follows:1) Direct target groups (primary target group): - secondary and upper-secondary school students, educational establishments students- guidance counselors, practicioners- teachers involved in the aspects of educational and vocational counselling- secondary and/or upper-secondary school teachers- secondary and/or upper-secondary school experts – school psychologist, educators 2) Indirect target groups (secondary target group)- educational institutions which offer services related to educational and vocational guidance- guidance and counselling centers- jobcenters3) Other relevant stakholders- recruiters, HR managers- parents- Euroguidance network- KeyCoNet network During the project implementation the project partnership will develop four main intellectual outputs:1. O1: The Benchmark Report accompanied by career e-guidebook. The Benchmark Report would determine key dimensions of high-quality career guidance in international context, while addressing the validity of the project tools/ outputs and expectations a target group holds regarding them. It will be used as a point of reference to shape the tools/outcomes (O2-O4) accordingly.2. O2: On-line career aptitude tool for students aptitude. On-line career aptitude tool will be designed to diagnose and measure pupils' professional skills and predispositions. Unattended execution of test components and automatic generation of assessment report would allow for the independent use of a tool, both among students, parents and any individuals with no formal qualifications in psychology or career counselling. 3. O3: Get to know the labour market - game (electronic version of a board game) The game would be a useful and ready asset for students to get to know and understand the labour market, supply and demand of the labour market and the different factors that influence the supply of the labour market, hiring process and get first, real-life insights into the workplace. 4. O4: Training ToolkitThe training toolkit would be geared towards career counsellors experts (teachers, counsellors, trainers, educators) and will be composed of ready-made materials to work with, i.e. teaching package for guidance school counsellors, practicioners and teachers/ educators involved in the aspect of counselling; scenarios of lectures for pupils in professional counselling - face-to-face advice and guidance and updated version of the career e-guidebook The target group of the project will take part in Learning/Teaching/Trainig Activities:1. Short-term joint staff training event (C1) in Poland2. Short-term exchanges of group of pupils (C2) in Spain3. Short-term exchanges of group of pupils (C3) in TurkeyThe complex career guidance system will be a stable support to the academic rigour, appropriately resourced, building strong connections with institutions involved in career guidance and counselling, as well as collaborative school networks. Indirectly, the project will harness the potential of future human resources. Professionalized career guidance is to help young people to develop their full personality and career potential, as well as employability skills underpinning success in further employment.
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