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Developing entrepreneurial and employability chances through internationalization and the improvement of digital and linguistic competences.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are trying to confer our school an international dimension, also by means of eTwinning devices, in order to get the students ready to become successful citizens in a global society, enhancing their employability chances, their entrepreneurship and their key competences acquisition. Thanks to this project, the school will find the means to start a plan that leads students to improve their skills, tackling different interrelated fields such as definitely improving their linguistic and technological competences, getting a better shared school environment by enforcing collaborative learning and trying to get for the staff the best in-service teacher training by means of maybe workshops, study visits, lecture attendance, job shadowing when possible, or sharing best practices and knowledge throgh eTwinning. ACTIVITY PLANNING 1.- 17 teachers´ mobilities to structured courses: CLIL formation, linguistic and digital competence methodology, best practice on employability, key competences, ICT. 2.- 5 management team mobilities included: improving ICT competence 3.- Online best practice sharing with other schools through eTwinning. Twinspace as a witness. 4.- Getting online and on-site expertise on our goal. 5.- Former students´ on-site advice about current labor market and educational options after school. 6.- Contact with enterprises for advice, lectures and workshops. 7.- Organising annual students´ visits to capital cities such as London and Paris for cultural and linguistic purposes. 8.- Annual one week hosting of Amertican students also attending school activities. 9.- Contacting University to become a receiving centre for an English/French- speaking University students who can grant oral practice assistance to our learners. TRACKING - During each mobility, teachers will keep an updated digital diary transmitting their daily experience, photographs and ideas which they will post in our blogs for the rest of the staff to keep informed and in contact and to provide a data base for further sharing outside our walls, at a local, regional and European level by using their available digital platforms. -Digital debate forum ad hoc. - Survey forms before and after the experience: the assessment derived will be included in our programatic documents. Control lists. IMPACT - Reevant teachers´ in-service training, refreshment of school routines. - Realistic approach to the current labour market , more solid work on key competences ratified by the European Union documents (Europass) - Teachers´ and students´ European dimension awareness amplifying views and possibilities of working together with European colleagues to enhance a comprehensive formation. - Getting the teaching staff interested in the foreign language study to help improve the puplis´ education. - Reinforcing the Administration´s Aulas Europeas English training program that will lead a significant share of our staff to qualify for the B2 level in the European languages protfolio, so as they can enter our English bilingual program. - Reinforcing this way our English bilingual programs, so that more puplis can enter them in the near future. - Reinforcing the skills of those teachers already working in the bilingual programs for ensuring their teaching quality standard. - Guaranteeing the continuous training of the teaching staff. - Multiplying the opportunities of common work with other countries schools and consequently our effective internationalization and good practice sharing plans, including methodological aspects. - Open our pupils´ minds to different opportunities. DISSSEMINATION Online news tracking in our web site. On-site informative meetings with local schools. Regional dissemination through Online Teachers´ Training Centre platform taking also part in their courses and seminars. Availability for interviews and lectures. Local press (journals, radio) European dissemination through eTwinning platform. Whatever chance we find to benefit more people.
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