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Developing e-Learning Tools for Trade Union Education
Start date: Nov 1, 2009,

DeLTTUE will make a major contribution to forming an effective trade union approach to online learning across Europe. The principal aim of the project is to inform European trade union education programmes and provide innovative tools and strategies that can be adopted by and applied to both experienced and less experienced trade union confederations. The TUC, SAK and LO-Sweden are at the cutting edge of developments in delivering online learning to trade union representatives and union officers; themselves key opinion formers in the lives of working people. This project will provide an exemplar to other trade union organisations across Europe by bringing together those developments to enable a step-change in the shape and pace of this work by sharing experiences and building on expertise and best practice. The project will build upon this existing knowledge and expertise of the consortium and provide new innovative approaches to online education with wider application for e-learning practitioners. A major aspect of the project is the creation of a series of guides and process manuals which will form a practical toolkit for trade union education professionals. The project deliverables will enable trade union confederations to adopt effective learning strategies to implement within their own education programmes. The project will create a template with which other trade union confederations can adopt successful online learning strategies The project will create an innovative multi-lingual web based community and resource portal dedicated to trade union education tutors and their continued professional development. The website will include the use of web conferencing, video content and other Web2.0 technologies that will focus on the building of a professional practice community. This site will help develop tutors’ skills to support online and blended learning and crucially develop their pedagogical skills. The website will focus on the effective use of innovative technologies in everyday educational practice and specifically its use in the curriculum development of online programmes. The project will develop the application of innovative tools for use in training programmes via an open source virtual learning platform. The project will create online course content and material that specifically incorporates the use of web based tools and innovative content for work based representatives’ courses. This will include the utilisation of social networking tools and Web2.0 technology. This process will be informed by the national qualification frameworks of the project partners. These include the UK’s Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) which provides vocational education competence-based accreditation. These frameworks will inform the curriculum development process and provide the structure to apply the transfer of knowledge to experienced and less experienced trade union education providers within Europe. The project will assess the impact of the online learning experience upon workplace representatives and evaluate the products developed during the project, these will help to inform and encourage innovative curriculum development.The results of the project will be disseminated by means of active, participatory conferences, events and workshops involving confederations across Europe through the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI).
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