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Developing communication competences among medical doctors with specialization in dentistry
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Project has been created as a response to the needs of professional vocationally active group of medical doctors - dentist in the field of communication with a patient with special attention to the patient with fear of medical intervention. The main target of the project is to create the training programme and methodology - curriculum for dentists in the subject of communication with patient with special emphasis on the work with fear, through teaching activity and project meetings during which will be carried out: exchange of knowledge, experiences and good practices in the field of effective and innovative methods of trainings in the subject of improvement of communication skills of dentists in their work with patients (with special attention to the patient with fear of medical intervention). The project’s target group are professionally active dentist. This is very specialized group of professionals that after graduating studies have to deal with various specific situations on the labor market. The situation on the European market has changed, and dentist faced the problem of changing the attitude of their patients, their needs as well as more demanding patients. This may be a serious barrier at work. Communication with a patient is a very specific type of contact. It involves personal communication skills, requires to certain level of empathy but also knowledge how to guide the conversation with the patient to receive necessary information to diagnose a problem efficiently, to communicate during patient’s treatment and also to encourage patient to continue the treatment till finishing of the whole medical process. Developing competences in communication with patient is not obligatory and we have found that there are any standards or training programs nor in medical academies nor developed by medical associations. This means that there are no structured, guided recommendations on how to carry out such a training for active professionals that are already working on the labor market and there are no such guidance or programs for medical students. In the project realization and training program preparation we will develop cooperation with the medical doctors in their environment. So during project meetings there will be room for the exchange of points of view of medical staff, specialists in communication as well as fear treating and clients. The project will have impact on the target group, through delivered result, that will be used by the dentists. The aim of the strategic partnership project is to carry out joint activities and during project’s meetings to collect necessary knowledge, exchange information and experiences on communication between doctor and patient in project partners’ countries. On this basis the training and educational needs will be estimated. That will be followed by guidance and general training programme and methodology of communication which will be the final result. Result of the project will be innovative for the target group- dentists, their training and education. This training program will be complementary to the training programs delivered by medical academies or post-graduate medical training organizations and innovation of the project is in the field of the subject (communication of dentist with patient with special focus on working with patient with fear of medical intervention) and its implementation through advanced communication techniques. This training program corresponds to the 8th level of EQF. This training program will be complementary to the training programs delivered by medical academies or post-graduate medical training organizations. The project contributes to objectives and priorities of Erasmus + Programme: contributes to the enhancing the quality and relevance of the learning offer in education, training developing new and innovative approaches and supporting the dissemination of best practices. The project contributes to the increasing labour market relevance of learning provisions and qualifications and reinforcing links between training with the world of work. Through the training dentist will gain necessary competences and skills to work with patients, which have effect on the quality and effectiveness of their work, which influences dentists’ employment. The project also facilities the transition of learners through training through the use of European references tools for the recognition, validation and transparency of competences and qualifications. The project will also develop short-cycle qualifications in accordance with European Qualification Framework.
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