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Developing an International Dimension in the School Curriculum
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This is an exciting, large scale project which will have a deep and lasting effect on our school and local community. It will lead to major improvements in teaching and learning across departments and there will be much more collaboration between different departments to support pupils’ learning. We will establish a robust model of language provision and develop a strong international dimension within all subject areas. We will offer our staff the training opportunities they need to be able to make their teaching outstanding, engage pupils, and increase attainment and enjoyment of learning. The project will impact deeply on our local community, and attitudes towards language learning and other cultures will be greatly improved. We will develop enduring links with Spanish and French schools that will lead to significant improvements in our pupils’ learning experience.We have many home languages within our school community. We see this project as an opportunity for us to promote the value and importance of all languages.As a school, we pride ourselves on the quality of our provision and the opportunities we offer to all our pupils. We want to give all of our pupils the very best possible start in life and we feel strongly that languages are the key to many life changing experiences and opportunities. We believe that by working together across our whole school, we will achieve great results. We plan to collaborate on producing new and innovative materials and looking for effective ways to link subjects across the curriculum leading to better learning. We particularly want to focus on developing links between languages and literacy and develop strong links between our school and schools in Spain and France. We want to update and modernise our teaching of French and involve many other departments in creating cross curricular links to support French teaching. We also need to extend our provision of Spanish and therefore need to ensure that our staff have the capacity and necessary skills to deliver this. We would like to develop the reputation and academic performance of our school and raise our profile in the community. We would like to engage parents more in their children’s learning, and show them the importance of languages and how this can enhance their children’s future prospects. We want our pupils to enjoy languages and see them as relevant to their own lives. In this way we hope to increase uptake, particularly beyond GCSE, and improve attainment.We would like to include members of staff from across different departments and with different roles and backgrounds in order to embed this whole school approach into the fabric of our school, make our approach sustainable, and create excitement and interest within staff, students, parents and the community.To have the greatest possible impact across our school, we want to apply for 34 immersion courses in Spain/France. The courses we have chosen will meet our school’s needs, with a focus on intensive language learning, cultural knowledge, teaching methodology and sharing good practice, evaluation of resources and the development of professional networks. These courses will allow us to spend time in Spanish and French schools working alongside colleagues and sharing our ideas and skills. Participants will work as a team whilst in Spain and France to develop new teaching ideas and materials across subjects. They will get inspiration from ideas on the course and practice they will see in their link schools and will find authentic materials that will be of interest to our pupils.We will create a sense of excitement about languages and culture within our school. The involvement of many members of staff from different departments will allow our pupils to see that all of their teachers value language learning, and they will see how it is important and relevant to a range of different areas. We will develop exciting community events that will involve school, the local community, parents and other schools in our area. This will reflect the value and importance we place on language learning and lead to more positive attitudes. Our pupils’ home languages will be celebrated along with the new language they are learning, leading to increased self-esteem and better attainment. We intend that this project will have a deep and long-lasting effect on our school, community and beyond. There will be many positive changes to our school as a result of the project. There will be a huge impact on the staff who take part in these visits. They will become much more confident teachers with more expertise. They will be able to provide better quality teaching and learning and they will get more enjoyment from their jobs. This will also impact on our pupils. There will be a general sense of enjoyment and positivity from this project. We will all pull together as a school to change attitudes and improve the learning experience.
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