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Developing an effective tool for career path of secondary schools’ students to prevent unemployment and misemployment

Work life affect one’s all parts of life. One’s environment is shaped by his/her occupations. The salary you take, the people you work with, the activities you do during work signifies what type of life you will have. Thus, selection of occupation is one of the most important decision throughout the life. Moreover, career planning is helping people to decide how to direct their professional life. In partner countries, there is not any systematic career planning and occupation selection system for youths.These reasons direct us to develop a tool named CPT and a curriculum which supports secondary schools’ students in their career planning. CPT will be based on Dr. John Holland’s RIASEC model and Dunn & Dunn Learning Style Model. After CPT administered students, they will be able to learn their career tendencies, skills, strengths-weaknesses, preferred working area, learning styles and occupations that are compatible with their personal features.In the project also a career curriculum will be developed to be administered at schools. School counselors will be trained about how to administer this curriculum. The curriculum will include some modules such as; career planning concepts, administering CPT and its counseling, decision making skills and seminars for both parents and students about workforce and occupations. At the end of this project students can make their vocational decision that are compatible with their personal features and get life-long career management skills.
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