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Developing advocating and lobbying skills of parents of people living with mental disability

The non-governmental and state organisations that apply for this learning partnership are dealing with parents of people living with mental disability. The main aim of parents from these organizations is to protect their children rights to treatment, rehabilitation, education, vocational training, aid, counselling, placement services and other services which will enable them to develop their capabilities and skills and will support the process of their social integration. The parents from each partner organization have different advocating and lobbying knowledge and skills, and they have decided to share them in order to learn from each other. Therefore, the fundamental aim of the project is sharing, comparing, exchanging and assessing different methodologies and procedures for the purpose of improving the quality of advocating and lobbying process, thus contributing to raise the quality of life of mentally disabled people. The target group of the project are parents of these people. As a result of the project, the drafting of a methodological guide that includes the good practice used by the participating organisations is planned, as well as the dissemination of the results to other parents, professionals, organizations, local community etc. by means of links with the partner organizations‘ websites informing about the project.

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