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Developing Active Citizens of Europe through Schools and youth organizations
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The proposed project (DACES) aims to test, validate and promote a blended learning toolkit for teaching and learning (EU) citizenship that we constructed under the ACES JM EU @ School project. This toolkit that tackles growing alienation, lack of knowledge and distrust of (young) EU citizens from European institutions and EU at large (see EC, 2010; Hoskins et al., 2012) is aimed at fostering reflective learning process (Wales and Clarke, 2005) resting on a circular mode (Radovan, 2014) constructivist pedagogical paradigm (Williams, 2010) and freely open educational platform (Moodle). The tool is focused on learning about the rights of EU citizenship, the role of the EU and citizenship in general and aims to foster knowledge on EU citizenship in content dimension (subject matter), affective- behavioral dimension (student perceptions and activities) and cognitive dimension (thinking processes) (see Shulz et al., 2008).Since Slovene educational system rests on high level of teacher's curriculum autonomy (Žakelj et al., 2013) and lack of appropriate educational tools for teaching (EU) citizenship (Zimšek and Deželan, 2013) along with the absence of such structured experience within youth organizations (Skrinar, 2014), we aim to conduct a pilot study on the benefits of the toolkit in terms of knowledge, skills and competences for participating students in order to assure the quality of the toolkit. We shall test the toolkit within general secondary (Gimnazija MS), technical and vocational secondary schools (Piramida MB) as well as youth centres (MB, MS) that already agreed to participate. The quality assurance of the study (in line with ENQA, ENQAVET) is assured with participation of the The Education Development Office of the ministry of education, thus creating also a direct link with the policy makers. Based on this study, a series of promotional activities and publication are planned to promote the tool to policy makers, practitioners and wider audience.
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