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Developing Abilities to Socialize - Teaching and learning new perspectives by sharing
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The learning process is best realized when students are confident and at ease. The quick attachment to new technology has changed patterns of young people´s communication and has affected face to face interactions. The virtual media challenges us, teachers, to develop our students’ skills in ethic communication. Throughout our project we intend to train our students’ abilities to socialize in both the virtual world and in reality. The aim is to educate students in inclusion and tolerance through participation in team activities shared with our European partners. Developing social skills will promote understanding of other people and in turn democratic acting. When students become aware of their abilities they experience the environment in school as a zone that encourages them as individuals. They can use all their capacity for learning. Well-being is fundamental for reaching good results and preventing drop outs. The participants are six schools in Turkey, Romania, UK, Poland, Spain and Sweden with pupils aged 12-18 years and their teachers. The activities in the project aim to develop social abilities and consist of exercises in communication, cooperation and teambuilding. Role play, case studies, discussions, acting and argumentation are some of the methods that will be used. The expected outcome is that the students become better achievers in all subjects. They will gain self-confidence and motivation for further studies and that is the best way to prevent dropouts and promote school attainment. We believe that the carrying through of the project will inspire not only the participants but also schools, authorities, organizations and other actors in society on both local, regional and national level.
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