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Developing a career pole star system to increase employability rate and sustainability of career success of youths

Unemployment rate among youths and young adults is very high in all over the world. Besides this, youths who are already employed do not produce efficient and effective work because they are either misemployed or their orientation period to work life takes too much time. Youths who try to enter workforce or recently employed do not have required capabilities for workforce.Another problem of youths is that they do not know which occupations are compatible with their personal features. They do not have career management skills, especially self awareness skills. Because of these reasons unemployment rate among youths are higher than general unemployment rate both in Turkey and in all EU countries. These reasons direct us to develop a system named "developing a career pole star system" (CPS-System) to increase employability rate and sustainability of career success of youths and to adapt and adjust them to work life, consequently make them gain self awareness. Target group of the project is youths and young adults under 30 years old who graduate from high school and do not attend to any vocational education program. The project mainly consists of; Self-awareness and decision-making module, Develop job search skills module, Develop communication skills module, Develop ICT based skills module, Develop action plan and apply it.All these modules will be applied by individual and group counselling during the project. However an interactive web based program will be also developed. Some modules will be included in this program and project participants can develop an action plan and make their decisions and increase their self awareness. After completion of this project this program can be used for dissemination and people can use this by themselves. To develop and realize this project “The integrated counselling, Training and Employment Method (ICTEM)” developed by KADIS from Slovenia will be transferred. At the end of this project youths who participate in this project will know which occupations are more compatible with their personal features.
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