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Develop Excellence in Teaching Languages in our School
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We aim to ensure that languages are taught throughout the school with as many of our large staffing number trained for such a purpose as possible. We have been developing a widening range of MFL skills and have been involved in a number of activities that have been embraced by the whole school and its community - this has been part of our continuing professional development. Where skills have been developed it is intended through future projects to embed our approach to MFL and head towards becoming a Centre of Excellence. By involvement in the projects thus far we have been impressed by the level of skill seen by children in the schools of our European partners - this is something that we wish to emulate and be at the forefront of over the near and longer term future of the school. 12 members of teaching and support staff are expecting to participate in the activities and all have a range of experience with MFL - all are enthusiastic and keen to further their knowledge and experiences. The cultural activities outlined in the course descriptions and the experience obtained from current involvement (use of IT, sharing resources, sharing good practice etc) will allow us to further develop the impact of MFL within the school. We envisage that spontaneous language and the confidence required to deliver MFL successfully and to a higher level that previously considered is one of our goals. Our task, through the projects will be to: a) Raise expectations b) Provide challenge c) Identify strengths and weaknesses d) Prioritise actions for improvement e) Improve self evaluation This cycle in terms of of whole school development in MFL is our focus during and after the completions of the projects. As a primary school firmly committed to developing our delivery of MFL we recognise that through this application we are seeking to ensure our staff are fully equipped with a firm background built on first hand knowledge, skills and understanding. We wish to continue to provide the inspirational work in MFL which has added excitement and meaning to the international work that is embedded across the school providing our rich international dimension. We intend to offer professional development training opportunities to as many staff members as possible to enhance and further develop our provision for modern foreign language delivery. We hope to offer an equitable split of opportunity (benefit) across the three languages that the school currently offers, with two staff in each case attending training courses in France, Italy and Spain. We feel it is important to demonstrate to other staff and to our pupils the importance of visiting other European countries and to take appropriate to develop language skills and acquire an intercultural understanding and appreciation of our fellow Europeans. We believe that the impact of the training undertaken by the participants can be multiplied through an effective dissemination and sharing strategy within the school. We consider this project to be a significant step in supporting our commitment to standards of learning and teaching excellence within the school .

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