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DEVAPPRENT - Development of apprenticeship in Lithuania referring to experience from Germany, France, UK and Netherlands

Although the apprenticeship concept has been recently introduced by the law concerning Vocational Education and Training in Lithuania, there was still a lack of institutional, methodical implementation procedures and measures to facilitate the effective establishment and functioning of an apprenticeship system in practice in Lithuania. Lithuania does not have strong traditions of apprenticeship, so there was a lack of know-how and experience in organizing apprenticeships, a lack of know-how in the field of applied training methods and a shortage of required competence among the potential tutors of apprentices. There was equally limited experience of social partnership and cooperation between social partners and other stakeholders in the organization, provision and financing of apprenticeships – and taking coalescing Europe as a matter of fact it is quite obvious, that development of apprenticeship should respect the state of the art in other countries. The project DEVAPPRENT developed guidelines for the implementation of effective apprenticeship practices in Lithuania; respecting the two main criteria of policy learning:* Transferability of the proposed developments* Adaptability of the receiving VET-systemGuidelines were tested with success in paramedics and are now used as the basis for the development of apprenticeship in other Lithuanian sectors like the construction sector. They are a promising bottom-up complement to legislative measures; not only in Lithuania but also in other countries with developable apprenticeship systems. Guidelines were not only presented and discussed in the partner countries – but also in Latvia, Spain, Azerbaijan and the region of Kaliningrad.

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