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Deutsch-polnische Austausche in der Berufsbildung im Bereich Kraftfahrzeugtechnik
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Vocational schools with a long-term and substantial experience in the field of automotive engineering in Poland – namely Zespół Szkół Mechanicznych, Świdnica; Zespół Szkół nr 5, Walbrzych; Zespół Szkół Technicznych „Mechanik”, Jelenia Góra – and Germany – namely Berufliches Schulzentrum für Technik „August Horch“, Zwickau and Karl-Heine-Schule, Leipzig – have come together in order to enable young adult trainees to take part in an ERASMUS+ mobility project and by doing so to train their vocational skills, to enlarge their knowledge as well as competence in automotive engineering and to broaden their personal horizon. They improve their vocational decision-making competence and responsibility by working abroad at one of the partner institutions, in this way they extend, deepen and apply their professional skills. The participating young adult trainees spend one-third of the time at a vocational school abroad and two-third of the time at a work placement, in a hands-one training situation, for instance in a company providing an apprenticeship or practical training. Thereby skills are trained that are required and necessary for their future professional development and career in automotive engineering. The vocational school transmits the relevant theoretical instruction within the project while the work placement at the company provides the adolescents with a practical training. The participants work on a motorcar, they screen and detect damages, estimate the necessary input in work and costs and finally plan their procedure and repair the damaged vehicle in a team – according to their level of professional knowledge and training.At the same time all participating vocational schools aim at the personal development of young adult trainees within the mobility project. They focus on encouragement, for example by increasing intercultural expertise and enlarging language knowledge; due to the face-to-face encounter of young Polish and German people the project partners want to promote European friendship and understanding. A cultural and sportive framework programme is part of the exchange project for young adult trainees. Furthermore, the adolescents may get an insight perspective at and reflect on ways vocational education in their immediate neighbouring country. All in all the project offers the opportunity to continue not only vocational training but also the general education of the young, it is a personal development training and it sustainably increases chances on the European job market. The planned project contributes to the evolution of an identity as so-called European Citizen.During earlier the partners agreed on evaluating and documenting the results of the vocational exchange according to the European portfolio of competence (Kompetenzportfolio). By doing so they improve the chances of the young adult trainees on the European job market. The cooperating vocational schools have agreed on aspired results of the exchange programme under the terms of ERASMUS +, those results are declared and described in the Memorandum of understanding (Partnerschaftsvereinbarung), including special learning situations and learning result units for the work placement and stay abroad, those results will be evaluated and documented according to the ECVET system and stated within the Europass of professional qualifications. Eight adolescents who are concluding a formal apprenticeship in the field of automotive engineering in Germany (either in Zwickau or Leipzig) will travel to one of the partner schools in Poland for the length of ten days; in return 16 juveniles from Poland (from vocational schools in Świdnica, Walbrzych or Jelenia Góra) will take part in a work placement, in a hands-one training situation, for instance in a company of the automobile industry providing an apprenticeship or practical training here in Germany. All juvenile participants of the ERASMUS+ project are students or trainees in vocational training in the field of automotive engineering (either automotive / car mechanic or mechatronics) and have received at least two years of vocational education. They are ready and willing to face the requirements ahead, they are motivated and agree to the aims of the project and – last but not least – are supported by their company and / or vocational school that provides the adolescents with the practical and theoretical training. Furthermore, they possess necessary social competence, the empathy to learn more about culture and language of their project partners plus they are prepared to take part in the framework programme offered to them during their stay abroad. Every participating juvenile works on one or two learning units that are defined by their vocational school at home before they start their work placement, work results will be evaluated and documented according to the ECVET system.
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