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Deutsch Online
Start date: Nov 1, 2011,

The project focuses on German, which has a vital economic importance with significant trading partners and with an increasing demand within EU countries for learning and teaching the language. The goal of the project is to develop a free online portal for learning German language (A1, A2 and B1 levels, focusing on situations important for migrants within the scope of B1 level), for learning about Austria, Germany and their cultures as well as offering helpful information about practical issues when working and living there. For workers and for students intending to move to those countries, such opportunity does not exist. Thus the project promotes access to new language learning resources and develops and disseminates new language learning materials, including online courses and built in instruments for language testing, including online courses based on CEFL and built in instruments for language testing. It will have multimedia content with interactive and engaging exercises, games, reading materials, audio and video tools, competitions, etc. and will be developed in 9 languages (CS, EN, HR, IT, PL, RU, SK, SL, TR). The project also aims at informing about administrative and practical issues in Austria and Germany, as well as offering all kinds of helpful model documents, e.g. model letters for different purposes as well as model administrative forms to help migrants. Such online portal will mainly be targeted at workers and students who want to move or already live in Austria or Germany, but also school pupils, people who need German for work, people living in border areas, tourists and interested others. We envision the following impact:- Improved access to learning German language for migrants; - Potential long-term commercial use (off-line version, ads on the site, etc.); - Practical help for migrants to deal with every day issues and to adapt to the host society.

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