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Designing our future school in an international context
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

When comparing our school priorities and the school's professionalization initiatives, it's clear that we have done efforts ... Nevertheless we can still distinguish some weaknesses that we want to turn into learning chances through this project "designing our future school in an international context". Our school population has little contact with other cultures, whereas society is needy of an open attitude towards the other. The international context of KA1 can help to unite different cultures and ways of thinking. Although our school isn't a mixture of a lot of different nationalities, our students are still very different. We can find all kinds of learners in our classes, every one of them having their own specific background and worries (medical, psychological, study or other problems). Differentiation is a must in our classrooms! We believe that an open mind towards other cultures also stimulates a positive attitude towards differentiation and care management, both for students and teachers. Even when broad-minded, teacher skills are necessary to provide adapted lesson methods in daily practice. Therefore our school wants to invest in professionalization of teachers that can get / keep the team going. By sending 4 different team players, the school can be influenced from its core business. The selection of 4 participants was done through a written survey, an oral motivation and based on a good spread over different years, courses, impact possibilities, ... The 4 participants have already started the preparation of the course and discovered that they really are a good team to deliver varied implementation ways, since they all have a different preference intelligence (language, logic, intra- and interpersonal) according to Gardners model . The course will also provide practical techniques to motivate other types of learners to discover the advantages of the different course models, tested in an international entourage. The Eekhoutcentrum course doesn't only focus on learning in school context (knowledge for students and teachers), it emphasis learning and living in a larger context (competences and attitudes). Bloom's taxonomy, structured thinking by De Bono, philosophy, ... are only some of the thinking frameworks mentioned in the program guide. An introduction in brain processes is also organized, in order to set up practical initiatives combining the given insights on meta-cognition, self-regulation and critical thinking. The 4 pioneers will collect information and translate it into theoretical background and practical job shadowing sessions at the home school. The evaluation of this first phase of teacher training will lead to a second phase in which the stress is on transfer to the students. Teachers (all having different backgrounds too) will encourage students to follow their example and start exploring / learning in different ways: intra- and interpersonal, ICT wise, ... In this way the quality of our education is guaranteed: teachers and students will feel more appreciated (the school invests in their diversity and sees it as a benefit), this will result in more strength and care for oneself and the other. In turn, confident students who feel ready for tomorrow's challenges can have a positive impact on the world (near and far) around them. Although uniting students is not the most important objective of this project, it definitely is a desired side effect. Last but not least we cannot hide our ambition to become an Elos-ambassador. This quality certificate would be the top of the bill for us!
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