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Designing Lifelong Learning for Innovation in Information Services Science

“Services science” is an emerging scientific discipline that, based upon an interdisciplinary approach, guarantees the concordance of ICT technologies, information systems, business processes and human skills. It supports innovation in the services economy that has become central in the competitiveness of modern countries. In this context the need for a new professional job profile has been identified,associated with the skills and competences required from an engineer dealing with the innovation, design and engineering of new information services. It is associated with individuals that have an entrepreneurship profile and a strong professional background from business and/or ICT and therefore it demands a lifelong learning approach.The core of the consortium (the 8 academic partners and the associated University of Geneva) are willing to develop the required LL components and integrate them in the evolution of existing related LL activities. We propose a rational approach to designing LL components targeting the area of information services that matches:o The requirements expressed by professional stakeholders on this new job profile. The collection and structuring of these requirements involves 1) Alumni associated with existing diplomas and 2) key professional representatives (acting as the 22 associated partners in the proposal) from public and private sectors.o The continuously developing offer in terms of education and R&D activities centered around services innovation in Europe will follow a knowledge map established through privileged links that the core partners have with the relevant scientific communities. Interaction between the different stakeholders involved will be guaranteed through the set-up of a Think Tank supported by an electronic platform. The project results will be expressed in terms of possible LL trajectories. Business models and exploitation plans will be established for the future enactment of these trajectories in terms of LL education activities (like an Executive Master) managed in an integrated way at the European level.
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