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Design your enterprise
Start date: May 6, 2015, End date: Sep 5, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“Design your enterprise” was a project connecting 57 people from 8 countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and Lithuania) for one purpose. With our project we wanted to address the increasing problem of youth unemployment in Europe and the need of learning the social entrepreneurial skillset in order to enable young people to act on their own and adapt to the continuously changing labor market. Our main objectives were: to create fulfillment in a jobless economy, to exchange knowledge on how to create / promote your own enterprise, to learn and practice the entrepreneurial skill set in order to find an inspiring activity that makes income , to promote innovation in youth work by implementing new methods in entrepreneurial education and to develop skills at the level of promoting one´s own personality and work abilities. Youth workers learned how social entrepreneurship works and how can we pass this opportunity to youngsters. Our target group was: youth workers focused on employability issues and young people interested in getting involved in start-ups or discovering opportunities within social entrepreneurship, with no age limit. “Design your enterprise” project was for people who wanted to learn about how to face different challenges that social enterprise brings: e.g. financial sustainability of the enterprise, involvement of volunteers and new co-workers, networking, planning further, new suppliers, administration, evaluation and entrepreneurial skills with personal development or new financial strategies. The project consisted of 2 activities which were answering the needs of social entrepreneurial learning of the partner organisation implementing innovative learning methods. PHASE 1 (29.07 – 02.08.2015) – Get inspired “Get inspired” was a training of 5 working days in the organization in Prague, an Eco Farm Toulcuv dvur with several projects on social enterprise (pottery, hostels, healthy cooking, administrative etc). There were 27 people participating from 8 countries: Netherlands, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Italy, Lithuania. Participants learned the know-how directly at the spot – getting to know the processes and methods in the organization, getting inspired and applying principles in one´s own program/start-up/enterprise plan design. They discovered the process of inspiring people for self-employment, communication with people employed in the Eco Farm in order to understand their point of view, needs and interests, and develop skills for building up a plan for a start-up /program for young people on this topic through lectures and workshops on start-up and social entrepreneurship. PHASE 2 (04.03 – 10.03.2016) – Get started “Get started” was a training of 7 days taking place in surroundings of Brno. After preparation at home organization (checking possibilities, opportunities, situation in the country at the moment etc) 30 participants were coming together for creating according to what they discovered was needed: a) educational program for young people in one´s countries to get involved in such enterprise b) preparing a plan for one´s own enterprise Final product was then a workshop / a plan for a social enterprise in a context of our living place and organization we were working in. Working methods: The main concept was learning by doing, meaning through personal experience. Participants first experienced methods offered during workshops themselves and then decided which they wanted to bring for the people they work with, which they wanted to improve and how. We worked with such techniques as self-guidance and teamwork, co-operative decision-making, group dynamics, leadership, setting up goals and objectives and problem solving. There were also these elements: job shadowing activity, outdoor activities, coaching, living library with invited start uppers and social entrepreneurs, product validation, service development, strategic planning, financial planning, interactive processes on advanced communication presentation, fear and failure management, processes on leadership, volunteer-involvement tips etc. Achieved outcome: Trainings increased understanding about specifics of social entrepreneurship and options for it in different European countries and thanks to created online space also opened the door to further steps in connection of the countries to solve the social issue regarding youth with fewer opportunities and unemployability. Eight organizations built up a partnership in order to create new activities for young people struggling with finding their place in society and becoming employed. There was a unique combination of youth workers for searching for solutions, which brought 8 diverse programs for each country within social entrepreneurship field.

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