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Design of a versatile and fast colloidal sensor based on virus modified particles (VIROMA)
Start date: Nov 1, 2013, End date: Oct 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Viroma project aims to fabricate multiplexed bead-based arrays as sensing devices on the basis of virus capsid and virosome Layer by Layer-assisted assembly on colloidal carriers. The virosome based platform technology will be suitable for the detection of several analytes ranging from comparatively small molecules, of the size of dioxins to larger biomolecules such as small proteins. Such systems are fast and sensitive, and require due to multiplexing and single particle based fluorometric read-outs only a very small amount of sample for analysis and is, suitable for high throughput analysis. The uniqueness of the approach developed in VIROMA is that the virus particles will retain their specific recognition properties provided by the virus capsides and transfer this specificity to the colloidal carrier. Moreover, the possibility of assembling different virus nanoparticles and virosomes on top of the colloids will result in particles with multiple recognition capabilities, going a step ahead nature.Depending on the analytes size two different detection mechanisms will be employed. If the analyte is a larger peptide or protein, a sandwich immunoassay can be employed with the capture antibody integrated into the virosome and transferred to the bead by means of virosome-membrane fusion. The fluorescence will be recorded with a flowcytometry using a colloidal dispersion of the beads or a laser scanning microscope if the beads are immobilized on a chip. As an example, we will assemble beads capable of detecting troponin, a standard marker for myocardial infarction. For small molecule s specific receptor molecules will be designed for a competitive assay.The project involves a synergic collaboration between two academic institutions: CIC biomaGUNE and the University of Leipzig with the company SURFLAY."

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